10 Best Jobs In Canada You Should Apply For It


What type of study is needed to give a great performance?
There is a yearly compilation of data from Statistics Canada, and Employment and Social Development, Canada, to give a rank to all the jobs having high salaries, strong growth in jobs, and momentum in hiring. This is based on advice to get one these ten jobs available in Canada.Public

Administration Director

Public administration directors serve as government workers and are highly paid. They oversee the execution of public programs and policies. It requires working for moving up in life and graduation in a field like law, business administration, or social science puts the candidates ahead.

Some universities like York University, offer a Bachelor’s Of Public Administration which helps students to specialize in spheres like law, management, justice, policy analysis, and public policy. An experience in the field of public administration, and working directly with policy issues is of great benefit for this job.

The Toronto University has a  Master’s of Public Policy Program which allows students to use one semester at leading partner schools, like the Hertie School of Governance-Berlin, the School of International Affairs – Paris, and the Lee School of Public Policy – Singapore. Interns who work at various levels get great research experience, and an opportunity to do networking.

Admission to Toronto University MPP program needs a minimum 3.3 GPA in a Bachelor’s degree, besides a resume covering the experience, Letters of Recommendation, and a fine SOP.
With these choices, one can stay qualified and acquire the necessary qualification to earn a top job and pave the way for a bright future in Canada.

Nurse Practitioner

The job of a Nurse practitioner comes as a registered nurse with more responsibilities. They can order medical tests, diagnose as well as treat patients independently, and prescribe medications. There is a focus on caring for the patient also. It requires education as a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and a great experience. The provinces have a regulatory body for nurse practitioners. They also provide a certificate after an exam. The role of nurse practitioners is different from one region to another.

Graduate programs in nursing need the applicant to have years of experience, as a nurse, before submitting an application.

The M.N. Nurse Practitioner Program conducted by the University of British Columbia needs applicants to have clinical experience for three years of and a superior ability to act independently.

In Ontario, nurse practitioners can focus on Primary Health Care, Paediatric or Adult areas.  The program is delivered online also and the registered nurses possessing a nursing degree and two years of clinical experience can apply.

Canada – Mining and Forestry Manager

A Mining and Forestry Manager works with a team and the nature of work is mostly outside. The manager supervises the functions of mines, fisheries and lumber mills. This position needs a bachelor’s degree in engineering/earth sciences for mining/forestry.

For management of mining jobs, applicants must have a designation as a Professional Engineer. For forestry jobs, provinces need a person who is certified as a Registered Professional Forester, which is issued after completing a Bachelor of Science (in Forestry).

BSF from the University of British Columbia, which is the top-ranked in the country is of immense help. It provides an option to the students to do major in Forest Resources Management or in Forest Operations. Through it, the students can visit two research forests, like the nearby located 5,157-hectare Knapff Research Forest. Here there are ancient trees, which can be visited for conducting project work and field trips. Opting for a minor in commerce gives a powerful foundation in management and business, besides giving forestry knowledge.

The Geological Engineering and Geological Sciences Programs at Queen’s are ideal in Canada to study Geology. This program leads the candidate to get a Professional Engineering designation, which helps in acquiring mining jobs.

Pipefitting Supervisor

Pipefitting supervisors are given the job to coordinate with teams, focus on safety in work, and also train the apprentices, besides placing an order for materials. it needs excellent leadership skills.

For becoming a pipefitting supervisor, working as a qualified pipefitter, for many years is required. For working as an apprentice, one has to get a job in a company, which agrees to train and register with a proper regulatory body in the province.

Apprenticeship involves training from a qualified pipefitter, and a theory portion completed in a college/ union training center. One can get a job coming out of high school, depending on the competitive nature of the market.
Taking mathematics and science courses, in the final year is good, because pipefitting is complex and analytical in nature.

There are courses, like Mathematics for Plumbers and Pipefitters written by George Brown.

There are college programs giving credit to an apprenticeship. The Eastern College offers Steamfitter and Pipefitter diploma program in thirty-two weeks. There is a work placement for 160-hours, where the candidates can avail it as apprenticeship hours when they are hired.

Before opting for apprenticeship, look into the hiring environment and look for a company for advancement as a Supervisor in Pipefitting.

Utilities Manager

Utilities managers are given the job to look into plants and distribution systems related to natural gas, nuclear power, and water. A candidate must have relevant technical knowledge and skills, and head a team.

A degree/diploma in electrical engineering for transmission lines, and in oil and gas engineering for natural gas is needed. Getting a job in utilities department in a managerial role is a must.

A Utilities Manager in Electrical Power, Heating Oil or Natural Gas, or, needs certification as a Professional Engineer. The norms for it keep varying in the provinces. Some experience in working, and passing the ethics examination are also required.

The Toronto University offers a highly ranked engineering program. There are specialized core programs and one of them focuses on fundamentals in energy systems engineering as a major. It is of special interest for all utilities managers.

Telecommunications Manager

Telecommunications Managers must have great knowledge of the systems which they manage. They must keep the activities of the company aligned with government rules, direct the flow of traffic in telecommunications, and perform technical work.

A degree in Science/ Electrical Engineering is required.

Getting a promotion in this job involves specialized knowledge and gaining sufficient experience in a role involving supervision.

The University of Waterloo has a competitive and high ranked engineering program.

A high school grade of 85 and credits in mathematics and science are compulsory. Students can work during learning. Waterloo has a fine program in the country, and its program in electrical engineering has a 2-year paid portion. There are 6,900 employers who are associated with it and students have a fair chance to find a place.
The Alberta University offers a program in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in nano-engineering. It requires passing in the first year before taking a specialization.

Economic Development Director

All Economic development directors truly work to improve the economic conditions of a city or region. A bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, Economics, Marketing or Commerce, is required. It needs a good experience as a researcher/ economist in a senior role. Making fine business connections and managing a team is also required.

A recent trend is to get a Certified Economic Developer designation issued by Economic Developers Association of Canada for such jobs. To take up the certification test, some points in the EDAC qualification system are required.
Points are given for U.G. and graduate degrees, training programs, and also when a candidate attends conferences in the economic development field. 36 months of experience in the field is also needed. The universities located in Sherbrooke, Waterloo, and Calgary have training programs to award points to students to enable them to qualify for this exam.

The University of Waterloo and Cape Breton University permit the writing of the Economic Developers examination with one-year work experience.  In order to qualify great references and a personal essay of a high order are needed.

Elevator mechanic
Median Salary: $83,844

The skilled trade based job of elevator mechanic is learned by an apprenticeship that is paid. There are classroom studies at a training center /college campus.

Apprentices spend time with a competent professional on the job and add to their realistic learning with class-based study at a college campus/union training center. One can earn a little salary, based on experience. It takes four years to complete such an apprenticeship and meet the criteria for certification.

Prior to registering, as an apprentice, in a province, one has to get hired by an elevator company ready to sponsor a candidate. It is a very competitive field, and a job is difficult to have.

The qualifications to secure depend on the hiring environment in a region, and one has to investigate the options in a province. Generally, Elevator Mechanics are trained at the Canadian Elevator Industry Educational Program. It is a union-affiliated program.

Durham College, Ontario is the only Training Provider to study in Elevator Mechanics. Durham runs a diploma program of two-year in Elevating Devices – Mechanical Technician. This program provides a base to get technical knowledge and gives an edge when a candidate applies for apprenticeship.

Real Estate and Financial Manager

The Schulich School of Business at York University serves as an ideal choice. The Bachelor of Business Administration program offers an opening to study abroad for one semester to the students with partnering schools in Vienna, Seoul, St. Petersburg, Mexico City, and Bangkok. It is a four-year campus-based program given by best-ranking faculty.

McGill’s Joint Honours program in Economics and Finance is also a good and competitive program, which requires students to score 3.00 GPA for graduating. There is a BBA online offered by Laurentian University. When a candidate has a college diploma in Business University gives an upgrade and allows a fast-track degree.

These managers supervise the work done by finance and real estate firms. Their areas of interest are business development, trade commodities, and mortgages, for their estate or departments. Business knowledge and being a team performer are the basic requirements in it.

  • Five years industrial experience,
  • Professional licenses to sell products in finance and real estate,
  • A degree in business administration or economics from a university is required


Canada has some of best law schools in the world which have a fine national and international ranking. Prominent among them are the University of Toronto, Osgoode Hall, McGill and the University of British Columbia. They have a good post-graduate employment rate and are known for notable alumni, in great numbers which include dignitaries. There are stringent admission criterions and the median GPA for admission is 3.85. Yearly Fees vary between $36,390 and $48,992.

Canada has a common law system, and the decisions of a judge are the original source of law. There is a heavily coded civil law.

Quebec has both, common and civil law systems. Graduation from a prominent program is no guarantee to earn a place in a privileged firm. Judge the location, cost, and other factors of an area before applying.

The conditions  for growing to be a lawyer are:

  • Completing a bachelor’s degree,
  • Taking the Law School Admission Test,
  • Going to law school,
  • Passing the Bar exam of your province,
  • Spending a year in articling or getting trained under a lawyer

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