5 Steps to Career Success in Canada

The best words you hope to hear when you apply for a job you want is “You have been hired!”

Regardless of the firm you are applying to, there are general customs observed in work environments in Canada. Knowing these customs will help you to blend into the company seamlessly. This is important for both migrants and citizens alike.

Below are some tips for foreign workers on how to successfully work in Canada:

  1. Know what to do and what to avoid in Canada.

The working conditions in the country of Canada may be different from your previous experiences, you should be able to adjust quickly. For instance, in most firms in Asia, when the head of a firm is talking, everyone stands behind the boss. In Canada, everyone can speak at the same rate.

  1. Discover the core of the company.

During your interview session, take note of how your interviewers are dressed and how they act. Note the following:

  • What are they wearing? Are they dressed casually or looking formal?
  • Is the ambiance a comfortable one, tense or the employees seem to be relaxed?
  • Do the employees work at a fast pace, or they seem relaxed?
  • Every firm has their dos and don’ts, and you must abide by them if you want to be successful in the company.

It is compulsory to know the rules and stick to them.

  1. Know the requirements of your boss beforehand

It is important to know what your boss wants from you. You need a job description for whatever role you would be assigned to the firm. You should also endeavor to have a copy of your boss’ needs at hand. This would enable you to always be one step ahead of his requests.

  1. Discover the communication style used in the country

In most firms in some parts of Europe, the communication style is a direct one. Employees may receive emails from their bosses such as one saying “Deliver the documents to my desk by 10 am.” It may appear disrespectful to employees in Canada. In some firms in Asian nations, they employ indirect means of communication to seem respectful, as respect is a huge part of their culture. You need to know what your company’s culture is and try to stick to it.

  1. Discover what it means to be professional in Canada.

Take note of how your fellow employees dress and behave around you and align yourself with their ways. Time is a crucial part of the culture in Canada, so you must be time conscious.

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