51% increase in Indians getting Canadian Permanent Residency

Canadian Permanent Residency

There is a great Interest among the Indian Diaspora including those residing in the USA to acquire permanent residency in Canada.

The facts

During the entire 2018, 39,500 citizens from India obtained Canadian permanent residency using the route of Express Entry System. This is a share of 43% among the total number of PR. As per the recent statistics, Canada admitted 92,000 new permanent residents in 2018, using the Express Entry. In fact this is an increase of 41% above the figures of the previous year.

Permanent residency is similar to the US Green Card. The route draws many job-seekers to Canada. Indians in particular find it attractive. In 2017, Canada admitted 65,500 permanent residents using the Express Entry and 26,300 (40%), were from India. In comparison to 2017, the number of Indians, receiving the permanent residency, during 2018, increased sharply, and touched the figure of 51%. China, had occupied second position in 2017, but was at the third ranking receiving 5,800 permanent residents in 2018.

The US Policy

There are several reports, regarding the US considering, a cap on H-1B work visas, for such nations which force overseas companies in storing data locally. There is a consideration for the policy to have a quota cap of 15% for India. Such progress, of the US government, will require the approval of Congress and cannot start at a short notice.

The professionals interested to migrate, but based in India, are looking towards Canada, for gaining employment, as well as permanent settlement. The Global Talent Stream, which recently became a permanent scheme, allows the processing of application by Canadian sponsoring employers and companies, involving expatriates of the STEM background, within two weeks.

This speedy process will definitely increase the surge of Indian employees to reach Canada. Moreover, many of the GTS workers later move to permanent residency. Canada is holding the doors open for Indians using its Global Talent Stream.

Canadian work experience

Additionally, the hired persons under the GTS get precious Canadian work experience, which favors them when they apply for permanent residency. Indians are a large group to receive invitations for permanent residency through the Express entry. It is the system which the Canadian government uses for managing applications of skilled and qualified professionals seeking permanent residence through its economic immigration programs.

Under it the candidates submit an online profile and get a place in the Express Entry Pool. There is a relative ranking based on the Comprehensive Ranking System scores. CRS depends on age, job offers, education, and work experience, proficiency in English or French. The persons clearing the cutoff mark to the maximum of 1,200 get the invitations to apply to obtain permanent residency.

The favorable facts

Half of all people getting the admission in 2018 were Indian citizens. IRCC recently released the report for express entry for 2018. In it, 41,675 invitations – 46% of the total, were Indian citizens. In 2017, among the 86,022 total invitations, 36,308, or 42%, belonged to Indians. Express entry holds the draws periodically. There is a long wait for it and soon after receiving the ITA people complete the formalities to realize their immigration dream.

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