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Job seeking is frustrating, tedious and non-reliable for anyone based out of a country! It can be a lot of work to deal with heaps of resumes, correspond with employers or candidates to schedule and conduct interviews – and this does not always result into hiring the best fit. Just because several employers try to avoid the hiring process, nearly 80 percent of the employment opportunities never get listed.

These 80 percent of the unlisted jobs makeup Canada’s hidden job market and are generally accessed by prospective employees through personal contacts or by social networking. The significance of personal contacts and networking cannot be stressed enough with regards to looking for some kind of employment in Canadian society.

Those who have exhausted their contacts and networks or those who are looking for an immediate employment opportunity; for them, advertised jobs are another option for securing an employment. The employers on an average spend only 20 -30 seconds to review a resume; henceforth it is important that while responding to an advertised employment offer, the potential candidate should submit a tailored resume along with separate cover letters for each position they are applying for. The candidate should also exhibit that he has the key skills and relevant experience required for the job, as outlined in the job description. Lastly, they should also discuss that why they are keen on working for a particular organization based on the research they conduct on the firm they wish to work for.

If you’re looking for top-notch careers in Canada, or even from Canada…then this is your go-to site! Canada-Jobs.Com is equipped with job listings from employers in Canada and features jobs or vacancies in every province and city. Find “out of the box” opportunities in the country, from entry level to executive employment. The USP of the site is that it has three noteworthy packages for professional resumes and jobs. You can choose from bronze, silver, and gold to unlock opportunities galore! Pssst…you can avail their services free of cost for a month after registration! Go ahead and have a look.

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