Canada created One million jobs since November 2015

Starting from November 2015, the government in Canada was successful in creating one million fresh jobs. It is moving towards a fast growing economy in the G7. Additionally its growth is the result of numerous important changes as well as investments to support the middle class.

A million jobs

Prime Minister Trudeau, elected to lead Canada since 2015, has a strong promise to deliver economic growth and also to create additional jobs for helping the people in Canada. The Liberal Party has achieved the goals of job creation, and was successful in creating one million jobs after the election.

Moreover, The Canadian economy is strong in comparison to the past and also has a record low rate of unemployment. Some of the provinces struggle to find sufficient workers to fill up the vacant positions. Furthermore many turn to immigration of skilled worker for meeting their labor needs. Provincial Nominee Programs also target immigrants, having an experience in occupations that have a great demand in some specific regions.

There are also Investments in the middle class apart from the jobs creation; the Canadian government has also introduced many economic measures for improving the financial muscle and quality of life for many middle class countries.

The Tax Cut:

The government in 2015 introduced a tax cut benefitting the middle-classes. This was possible through the introduction of a higher income tax rate for persons earning above CAD $200,000 annually. By taxes were raised for the wealthy Canadians providing a tax relief to earners of middle/low income.

The Child Benefit scheme:

In 2016, Canada introduced the Canada Child Benefit that is a tax-free benefit providing more money to 90% families. The aim was improving the quality of life for such families who raise children. Presently, the benefit in CCB is $6,639 for a child below 6 years and $5,602 for a child in the group of 6 -17 years.

The Employment Insurance Premium Rate Reduction:

The Canadian jobs market is strong and fewer Canadians claim EI benefits. This allowed decrease in the EI premium rate to help workers to keep more income for their individual expenses.

There is economic success in the last four years in Canada. The country has an election in October 2019, and Canadians need to choose who rules them.

Andrew Scheer the Conservative Party will challenge the present establishment. He has a fiscally conservative policy.
All the same Canada will have a high level of immigration, which all the stake holders agree is necessary for Canadian growth.

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