Canada – How to Work without A Work Permit?

Professionals who qualify under the NAFTA Business Visitors category (Sales Service) (R186 (a)) can enter Canada without needing the work permit or LMIA.

The details

The professionals can enter Canada, on a temporary basis, for providing professional services, (pre-arranged), as an employee, drawing a salary from the Canadian companies, or under the contract of the Canadian employers, in one 60 occupations, under the jurisdiction of NAFTA, in the capacity of, cross-border business professionals.

Also, the immigration lawyers feel that the Canadian law dealing with immigration is flexible and also supports the business needs.

The business visitors to Canada of Temporary nature like the top specialized after-sales employees and service employees qualify for entering Canada. Additionally, they can do so without a work permit to do cross border business. They are authorized for working in the NAFTA. Many people are not aware of the existence of this special business visa. The NAFTA 2.0 is not ratified so far but there is no possibility of any change in this provision.

Mode of Entering Canada under NAFTA R186 (a)

Business visitors intending to enter Canada to perform after-sales/service work can meet the Canada Border Agent and apply at the airport. They also have to provide verification of the business visitor application:

  • Provide a letter of support from the parent company of the  business visitor
  • Show the Invitation Letter from the Canadian host
  • Provide a verbal statement depicting the applicant’s business and their source of income lies outside Canada
  • Show the documentation of support like  Business Cards, Relevant Papers, and finally the Advertising Pamphlets

Other relevant facts

This category provision moreover, applies to service people who intend to enter the country to perform after-sales/lease services. These include software upgrades to sold or leased equipment previously. Any service person arriving in Canada for installing, configuring or giving training on upgraded software is the Business Visitor. A sales/lease agreement or also the purchase order for such software is, in fact, the new contract for a fresh product.

Any Business Immigration Lawyer can extend help to these professionals for determining whether the job meets the NAFTA R186 (a) requirements for entering Canada without having the work permit. This is also true for assembling the documentation for presentation to the Border Agent.

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