Canada Immigration a lucrative opportunity for International Students to attain PR

There has been a significant rise in the figures concerning the foreign students applying for Canada immigration 2017-18.This comes in the wake of all H1B uproar. Multiple participants have been involved in the growing penetration of Canada as a stable and embracing study places in the aftermath of the major political changes happening worldwide. In recent months, a large number of students are choosing Canada to study and immigrate after their graduation.

Canada is among the first ten ranked places to study across the globe.With well facet universities it creates a great platform for the international students. The number of students applying for study permits has doubled from 2008 which stands at 128,411 267,780 study permit issued in 2016.

Currently, 4,14,000 ongoing study Visas attributed to the exact number of foreign students in Canada which is a little different with current statistics of the students who are currently present in Canada. Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec are prominent provinces in Canada where a majority of students study.

Uphaul in the number of International Students and enrollments

The surge in the number of applications to Canada was attributed as a result of the anointment of the new U.S President which brought change in U.S visa reforms.This resulted in more number of aspirants applying for PR to Canada.

Well known Universities like the University of Toronto accepted twice the number of students from America for their admission 2017 compared to 2016. Other Universities like Brock University saw a climb of 30% growth in applications from international students and in the nascent stages of the admissions cycle, an increase of 36% was reported in the number of foreign students accepting their offer for admission.

A renowned University of Alberta had an 82% raise in the number if applicants are applying for Visa Immigration to study abroad in the year 2017 where Indians were reported to apply for the study applications in abundance.The students had also applied from Iran and America to prove their mettle.

The interest of students shown to study in Canada thrives the economy, tourism and other aspects of sustainable economic development.Miss Bourque, one of the heads at the University of Alberta for Marketing and Communications Manager quoted,”We expect to see substantial numbers also in the coming years,”

Canada showcases a high level of security and comfort; it is ranked well in health, safety which makes it a clear choice to put it as a destination to fulfill your dreams.

Pathway to Permanent Residence

A program called Post-Graduate Work Permit -(PGWP) was designed for international students which allow them to work in any Province of Canada, for any firm, for a maximum period of three years. The PGWP is an advantageous program for creation of job opportunities for the international graduates.

There has been a steep growth in figures for the students applying under PGWP, from 2008 to 2016 it got raised from 15,600 to 101,000 and still counting.

The Work experience got through a PGWP can be useful for an international graduate’s to avail the permanent immigration programs. Also, the individual can apply for the Permanent Residency through multiple programs going in Canada

Canada Immigration RoadMap for Bright Career Opportunity

The Canada Immigration Programs have provided numerous opportunities to international students with more than 30,000 previous study permit holders became permanent residents in the year 2016.

The Express Entry Program under the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) helps you score additional points taken under the Express Entry Draw A total of 415 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) was accepted for applicants in the Express draw at the 62nd draw that took place on 17th May.This step would attract a lot of job candidates aspiring to establish a good career abroad.

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