Canada Interview Questions

To place yourself on the interviewer’s good books and show them that you are fit for the profile or role, certain preparations are important. Prepare the below common interview questions so as to give, to the point and relevant responses to the interviewer. Remember if you already possess the skills and talent that the company expects than half of your battle is won. The rest of the battle you have to win by presenting your skills and talent in front of the recruiter. Positivity, preparation, and explaining the answers with examples are the key to any of the international or local interview success.

Q. Tell me about yourself

This is the common question designed so as to break the ice between the candidate and the interviewer. The concise answer will ultimately gain the interviewers attention and make you stand apart from the crowd. Give a brief and crisp description about your qualification, skills, and strength.
By providing the strongest benefits that you can offer to the company through your knowledge and skills will leave the interviewer to know more about you.

Q. Why do you want to work in this company?
Through this question, the recruiter is trying to evaluate your enthusiasm for the role as well as judging your knowledge about the company. Give some specific examples that attracted you to the company, elaborate your achievements, strengths, and skills and explain to them how they match with the profile, making you the right fit.

Q. What are your strengths?
The interviewer wants to know what you are best at and how your strengths would contribute to the profile. Elaborate some of your key strengths that are required for the role. Strength could include the ability to multitask, the ability to learn quickly, composure under pressure, the ability to work in team and ability to work unsupervised.

Q. What are your weaknesses?
The interviewer is trying to analyze your self-awareness. We as a human being have some or the other weaknesses, so don’t tell that you don’t have any. Specify the weakness that is not at all imperative for the job or particularizes about a challenge that you are working to overcome. Willingness to improve you and at the same time able to face challenges would turn your answer into a positive way.

Q. What are your achievements till date?
The interviewers want to know about your certain accomplishments that would, in turn, benefit the role. Identify the latest challenges you have faced, worked on, handled it that have brought the positive outcome at the same time benefiting the previous company.

Q. Why do you want to leave your current employer?
This should be a straightforward answer. Be positive about your current company but state that you are looking for new challenges, experience, and responsibilities that would enhance your career growth. Never criticize your current employer. Convince the interviewer that how the role offered by the company would benefit you and your career.

Q. How do you respond to working under Pressure?
The interviewer wants to know about your problem-solving skills and how you can stay focused in different situations. Explain this by giving an example by how you had previously faced the situation calmly and have dealt with it, took necessary actions and provided a positive outcome.

Other Questions that may be asked by the employers of Canada are:

Why do you want to work in Canada?
Do you want to become a Canadian Citizen?
Why do you want to leave your home country?
How did you go about finding employment when you first arrived?
How long do you think you will be taking to adjust in this culture & country?
Tell me about your long term plans in Canada.
Are you traveling along with your family?
How long will you stay in Canada?

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