Canada Technology- 5G Wireless Telecommunication Corridor planned for its Provinces

Canada Technology- 5G Wireless Telecommunication


The governments in Canada, Quebec, and Ontario have become strong partners. They have associated with giants of the digital world to provide the future generation of Wireless Technology.

The plan

There is a plan, to have a joint public-private investment, worth $400-million, for creating a corridor. This will have 5G wireless test beds across two large provinces of Canada. Moreover, it has the aim to provide an opportunity, to the companies, for experimenting with a new idea. This has now become possible, owing to the recent breakthroughs, achieved in the field of Telecommunication Technology.

The path to the future

Navdeep Bains, the Innovation Minister, said that 5G is the path to the future. He was speaking about the variety of applications, to employ using the fresh technology. These include having smart cars, which reduce traffic congestion and accidents. It will permit the refrigerators, which effectively keep a track of food levels, and call for fresh groceries automatically. He continued to say that Canada is on the threshold of a great technological revolution.

The scope of the project

The project is named ENCQOR meaning Evolution of Networked Services by using a Corridor in Quebec and Ontario to do research and Innovation.

Furthermore, it permits 1,000 businesses to connect to a specific 5G platform, and gain access to the latest technology.

High speed

Equally important, Mobile 5G Wireless Technology is 100 times fast, compared to the present 4G system. This was a golden opportunity, for experimenting and helping the business sector, to reach the top of the global race for innovation.

As a matter of fact, the Federal Government, Quebec, and Ontario have pledged $67 million each, and five partners of the private-sector will give $200 million. They are the Ericsson, Thales Canada, Ciena Canada, CGI and IBM Canada. Similarly, this plan envisages, having more than 4,000 jobs, of which nearly 1,800 will specifically belong to the 5G domain.

A spokesman clarified that the jobs comprise prevalent positions with the five partners in the private-sector and will undergo a restructuring for this mission.

The future

Borje Ekholm, CEO Ericsson, said that Canada is moving ahead to the forefront of 5G technology and has a firm commitment to Wireless Innovation. Likewise, National infrastructure is not merely roads, but projects like the one planned here. The future highways would be digital, he added.  He expects that this test-bed technology would be formulated and used in future and be functional during the first quarter of 2019.

Equally, the government has estimated that the Information and Communications Technology Sector, made a contribution of $76 billion, to the GDP of the nation in 2017.

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