Canada: Workplace Safety is greatly important


The Saskatchewan Employment Act had been introduced in 2014, and the Occupational Health and Safety Act had been repealed, leading to an increase of fines in workplaces. Owing to this, for a corporation, the fines for fatalities in Saskatchewan touched $1.5 million. The figure for an individual was $500,000. There is a trend across the country, and fines for workplace injuries have increased. This phenomenon is noticeable in the past years. Moreover, the courts are imposing heavy fines.  In January 2018, a corporate employer in Saskatchewan was made to pay a fine of $420,000. This was payable for a fatality that had happened three years ago.

Many Employers in the provinces and territories face charges and have to pay fines for workplace injuries. The reason is an unsafe behavior, neglecting safety, leading to injuries, and causing of fatal incidents. Not considering the jurisdiction, employers must ensure the health, welfare, and safety at work. There must be in a reasonable and practical approach to all workers.

Moreover, the requirements are giving a proper training to employees, supplying protective equipment, and protection against hazards. There is a great need to ensure proper safeguards, and maintain a committee specifically for health and safety.

They must also ensure to have competent managers and supervisors in the workplace. These professionals must set a few standards to address hazards. They must supervise to see that all employees are comfortable to raise the dangers and lead by example. They also need to respect safe work practices. Any supervisor who does not promote a culture of safety is a liability to the employer.

Employers who neglect safety, and fail to give it a priority must pay a heavy fine.  This attitude can lead to workplace incidents and a risky end. Through such acts, there is an impact on the morale of an employee. Moreover, there are negative press articles, and it impacts on corporate goodwill also. This will require many years to recover.

Thus, the Employers must ensure that present procedures, policies, and practices in safety are sufficient for their work. Establishing a safe workplace, and maintaining a culture of safety at the workplace, will give benefits. This will lead to fewer workplace incidents. It will lead to improved occupational health. The payment of safety will also be reduced significantly.

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