Canadian Workforce 2025 Report Reveals a Big Shift in the Coming Decade

A workforce study was conducted by Research Now for Randstad Canada. Randstad Canada is popularly known as the leading agent for staffing, recruitment and HR staffing in Canada.

Between July 27 and August 29, 2016, which was the duration of the research, 1,799 surveys were completed by employees and 504 were completed by employers.

The research revealed that 20-30% of the workforce is made up of non-traditional workers. Those numbers are still expected to increase in the coming years. This is because Canadian employers are becoming more flexible and now understand the benefits of hiring non-traditional workers such as consultants, contract workers and freelancers.

This has been mostly as a direct result of how the millennials have chosen to enter the job market. A lot of millennials are not interested in the everyday 9-5 and have gotten creative with the type of services they offer. This has had a direct effect on how the employers find people to fill the staff positions they have.

This new way of staffing goes beyond the ‘temp’ positions of the past. Now, many employers are more flexible and hire workers on demand as opposed to keeping an office full of staff all the time. With concern to loyalty and effort, 80% of the non-traditional workers affirmed in the survey that they are still as loyal to their temporary employers as they would be, if they were working full time.

The survey showed that 85% of employers believe that by 2025, the non-traditional, flexible workers will be a major part of the workforce.

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