Employment Consultants are an asset for Getting a Canadian Job


Some of Canada’s top employers will be participating in a Virtual Career Expo to help their hunt for top international skilled worker talent on April 19 and 20, 2018, but hiring an employment consultant remains the best path to finding a job and immigrating here.

The Expo organizers boast that mainly-technology 1,500 jobs will be available at companies including IBM, Pythian, Microsoft and the Bank of Montreal.

The event is being hosted by the International Talent Acquisition Centre in partnership with immigrant services providers in Calgary and British Columbia. The organizers also say they have federal government support.

Much has been made of the technology talent shortage in Canada, with the federal government launching the Global Talent Stream under the Temporary Foreign Worker program to make it easier to bring in international skilled workers.

The GTS boasts two-week processing and has been warmly received by the technology industry in Canada.

Jobs fairs such as the Virtual Career Expo can often sound positive, but like job banks, they are considered the weakest form of employment search for candidates.

Online job boards, a major component of Canada’s Express Entry Immigration system, places job seekers in a contest where there are few judges. Most employers do not have the time or interest to screen through thousands of resumes that quite often, do not provide an accurate description of a candidate’s profile. Relying on internet job boards provides you with very low chances to get hired.

Job hunters and intending immigrants to Canada need to learn how to stand out from other job seekers who are all competing for limited openings.

Our employment search consulting services are tailor made and do not rely on internet job board listings. Our search consulting services were created by our in-house team of experienced recruiters and will help you create an inside advantage. This will help you identify employment opportunities before they are revealed to the online world of potentially thousands of candidates. Here is how.

We are Canada’s only immigration attorneys that provide its clients with credible, direct in-house employment search consulting services through

We provide our individual clients with a comprehensive database comprising of prospective employers who we have identified as potential hiring companies in their occupation in Canada.

We will help you learn how to stand out as a potential candidate before other hires. We share with you the many techniques and strategies that are used by experienced employment recruiters to help you present your qualifications to employers in Canada.

Relocating to Canada can take time. Learning how to execute some of the important techniques in job hunting will go a long way to maximizing your chances of success. Find out how we can help.

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  •  :  Comment pocede a venir au Canada je suis interesser de venir travailler chez vous
  •  :  Hello!! I have an Express entry profile submitted. I have still not received the ITA. My score is 431 and the CRS has not come down to it. I would like to know about the services that you offer related to job search. Could you please share the details about the services and cost with me? Thanks, Anandhi
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  •  :  Hi sir I m in Pakistan and want a job in canada as a driver I have 4 yrs driving experience in saudiarabia.plz you give me any info
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