Five Jobs to be ‘Vital’ for Canadian Economy in 2018

Canadian economy

2017 is known to be a good year for jobs in Canada. There was a decline in the unemployment rate of the country to its record low level in during the past 40 years.  Jobs were produced at a fast pace. As per a recent report, some jobs stood out. This is a list of the top five jobs which are worth watching in 2018, and are based on their performance during the previous year. These jobs witnessed noteworthy growth as viewed by the number of jobs posted. These jobs are placed in industries that are expected to grow significantly. These jobs are based on the current trends prevalent in Canada, the growth registered in e-commerce, new technologies which are changing the technological world, besides demographic trends which accelerate demand for healthcare. On the strength of these factors, they are worth watching in 2018. These jobs had become vital for the growth of Canadian economy.

The prospects of labor market look rather bright and 2018 will see continuous growth in full-time jobs. There will be a few bright spots in the labor market in healthcare and technology domains. Professor Rafael Gomez, of the University of Toronto, agreed that health care and technology domains will boost the economy. There is a need for more people to give care to the children of the country. Caregiving, outside of our health-care sector, should be focussed.  Caregivers are immensely needed for elderly parents as well as for family members. There is a mix of long-term and short-term career opportunities which serves the overall economy better. There are plenty of opportunities for job seekers requiring different levels of education and skills.

An economy which has varied types of jobs becomes resilient and is less likely to suffer any type of industrial crash. We present the top five jobs worth watching in 2018 and have also listed the expected salaries formulated on an average of the last two years.

Fulfilment Associates

There was an increase of 607 percent in 2017 compared to the previous year for Fulfilment Associate.
The associates are in charge of receiving and processing customer orders at distribution centers meant for e-commerce companies like Amazon and witness great demand because several people place orders online. These jobs have a pay of $14 per hour.  The constant growth of online shopping has expanded the real estate business, and large distribution centers/warehouses are being created in Canada.

Machine Learning Engineers

This job is meant for programmers who develop machines and systems which help in the operation of Artificial Intelligence. Such jobs are well-paid and have an annual salary of $102,555. The profession faces high demand because the government in Canada has announced a Pan-Canadian Strategy for Artificial Intelligence, and has promised $125 million to meet the demands of research in AI technology. A Machine Learning Engineer had a growth of 150 percent in 2017. Such jobs are immensely needed in quite a lot of industries, which increases their demand. The professionals involved create general purpose technologies, like phones and computers which are useful to every industry.

Family Medicine Physicians

Canada has an aging population, and there is a huge demand for family doctors. Family Physicians are a greatly sought after a healthcare professional. This domain witnessed a growth of 138 percent during last year. It is a high-paying job receiving an annual salary of $248,580.

Manufacturing Technicians

The manufacturing industry also has registered significant growth in Canada, and it saw a 45-percent increase in job postings. These technicians are responsible for installation and maintenance of products and systems and earn $18.74 per hour.
The North American Free Trade Agreement is being negotiated after which there will be a change in the scope of the industry.

Technical Recruiters

Technical recruiters are always on the lookout for talents in technical jobs and annually earn $47,991. The tech industry is witnessing a boom and recruiters are required to play an important role. These professionals combine skills which are related to human resources with the knowledge that is industry-specific. Openings for Jobs for technical recruiters registered an increase of 25 percent points, in the previous year.

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