Five Tips for Students to Get Hired in 2018

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During February, college students return to school, buy books and select classes. They need to now think seriously about ways to getting hired by the month of May. An early start of the job search process ensures that the students start their careers and use their degrees fruitfully.

We present five tips that students must do now to ensure that they have the best opportunity to pursue their profession in May:

1.Refreshing the resume

While starting a new job search, the initial step is having a fresh resume. Students need to include the recent and relevant information dealing with the course and the research projects. The resume must be up to date. Apart from including their internships; it must contain appropriate class work and details of other projects and experiences which happen during the semester. Such experiences, campus jobs, serve as a talking point and also demonstrate the strengths of a candidate.


The present days are ideal for networking. The results are great when candidates reach out to classmates and seniors who had graduated in the past.After reaching out to close connections, it is better to take advantage of career services available at the school. Career centers have wide-ranging details about alumni, and also hold mock interviews. They also provide help in making a quality resume. It is good to ask a list from them regarding the alumni who have a career in the company/industry of your domain.  Scheduling a mock interview, while actively networking, sharpens the interview skills.

3.Setting Job alerts

Setting up alerts which inform you about all the opportunities and openings available is a boon. Monster, Google, and LinkedIn offer alerting services which arrange to send emails and notifications which indicate a role in which the candidate is interested. Upon receiving such news arrange to send applications quickly without loss of time. See the inbox regularly and apply immediately, without waiting.

4.Chasing the dream company

After scanning the career pages of an ideal company and not finding any positions open, it is good to reach out to them. This will help because one never knows when the opening will be created. This way the applicant will be placed on top of the mind and get a chance when the opportunity opens up.

5.Sharpening soft skills

By strengthening the soft skills the candidates can prepare well for a job in May. Polishing the soft skills is of vital importance. Attempts must be made by the young people to have some in-person conversations with people who do not belong to their social circles. They should be in a position to interact in real-time and also hold a good conversation. Thus meeting new people, and having the ability to do new things, is a great way to spend the last months as a student.

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