How to Get a New Job Offer from Canada


Migrating to Canada is an exciting happening in life but an immigrant has to search for a job. It requires a huge effort and more time. There should be no delay to search for a job. It is ideal to be proactive, adopt a few strategies, and take matters into our own hand.

We present a few steps on what a candidate can do:

Submitting an Online Application

Online job portals provide many opportunities. It is highly advisable to register on popular recruitment sites and start the process of hunting. The requirements are an updated resume and furnishing of all relevant facts. The resume must meet the standards and the expectations of Canadian employer and must be well structured. It must also define the work experience. It must also define the work experience suited to get work permit Canada.

Contacts and Networking

Use all Social media platforms for making new contacts. Knowing some persons who already work there or joining a group comprising people who also are job seekers will work to the advantage of the candidate. Connecting with people, expanding the network and using some of the contacts, are greatly useful.

Do Information Interviews

An information interview deals with finding more information about an organization, career, or industry. It aims to get information, guidance, and advice to achieve desired career goals. It also helps to learn about the work culture or jobs that you seek.

The Job Bank of Canada

Canada has an official website which specializes in job listings. It provides a lot of information on the services, the job market, and the programs on the site. The listings are constantly updated.

Recruitment agencies

Do some researches prior to selecting a good recruitment agency. An agency which constantly updates the latest job openings is a boon and helps in saving time and effort.

Doing Volunteer work

Volunteering is a way to work without getting any pay. It helps to gain work experience, making new contacts and learning about jobs, which remain unadvertised.

Get started

In order to find a job, applicants need to be smart and consistent in their efforts. Through this, they can find a dream job and settle in Canada.

Make Calls

A call to a company also helps to find out the availability of jobs.

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  •  :  Thank you for your sweet guidance, I hope it helps to get a nice job in Canada.
  •  :  Hi This is Rakesh Kumar from I am looking for a Job in Canada and registered with MPNP PROGRAMM. please help me to get an opportunity to work in Canada.
  •  :  How could i find job as a front office associate for canada hotels
  •  :  I am an Indian. I have 17 yrs experience in optical .I am looking for suitable job in Canada. if possible pls hep me.
  •  :  Hi, This is Sunil Suryakant Shirishkar. I am looking for job in Canada and would prefer any job for full time and on contract will also work. Salary negotiable.
  •  :  Hi my self kamlesh , Im Indian I have more than 4 year's experience in Barista career in Dubai, now I'm looking job in Canada , can you please help me. Thank you
  •  :  Hi i am looking custer service representative job in Canada. Please let me know how can i get the work permit and what all i need in order to get the job there. Presently working as an escalation expert with Personiv in its Canadian process Telus.

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