Tips to face job interviews Confidently

Preparing for a job interview might be a nerve racking experience for many.
Most of us fear a lot during the interview process. Due to this anxiety, we screw up the interview. Steadiness and confidence are the two main things that can enable a person to be cool and perform well in an interview.
A lot of us also fear the employee meetings, but people don’t understand the significance of the meeting. These meetings may lead to a fruitful occupation.
Face to face interviews is said to be more advantageous than the telephonic interviews as the candidate would have the opportunity to impress the interviewer with the mannerism, clothing, and off-course the facial expressions. Interaction with the employer face-to-face can create a lasting impression. Therefore, correct manner and the right attitude is the only key which will lead you to success.
Here are some of the tips you should follow before and during the interview:

1. Know the Company

This is what employer expects from every candidate coming for the interview. Research well about the company. Know their mission, aim, values, functions, and vision. While adding the information of the company in your answers you would create a great impact on the interviewer.

2. Introduction

Tell me about yourself is the favorite question of every employer. Prepare well for this question, as most of the people get stuck in this question itself. Try to explain your work with projects and example if possible for this question.

3. What can you offer

Know the job title you are applying for. List down your responsibilities and explain to your employer that why and how you are fit for the job. Try to explain this with an example that where you have used this quality.

4. Act Confident

This can be quite a task, even if you are bit nervous, try to be calm and give all the answers confidently. You should make the employer feel that you are fit for the job.

5. Never Lie in your Resume

Lying can backfire!! The interviewer sitting in front of you have many years of experience, any lie and the changes in your facial expressions can easily be judged by the interviewer that you are faking it. So write those achievements in your CV, which you have really achieved.

6. Dress Well

Go eat and dress well before going for an interview. Don’t overdress your self. But try to wear formal clothes at least for the first time.

7. Ask intelligent Questions

Be observant and concentrate on interviewers every word. Once the interview is done, its your part to ask some intelligent questions. Just make sure that you are not offensive or rude.

8. Be eager to learn

It’s ok if you don’t answer some questions. After the interview is over you can politely ask the interviewer the answers. This shows your eagerness to learn and know new things. This is always considered to be useful from employer’s point of view.

9. Breathe

It’s the anxiety that ruins most of the interviews. Just before entering take few deep breaths and relax your nerves.

10. Thank you email

Whether or not you are hired to make sure to send the employer a thank you email after the interview mentioning that you are glad to receive this interview opportunity and how you hope to get selected for the same.

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