Immigrating to Canada as a Digital Nomad is easily possible

Self-employment is a latest trend that can change the job market and its future. There working hours are flexible and the environment has a change. There is extra autonomy and low overheads. Additionally, presently there are 57 million persons who work as freelancers internationally. Now more people opt to work for their own progress, in the labor market.

Freelancing has a rapid expansion in comparison to the conventional labor workforce. It is also expected to augment by 168% in the next decade. Many freelancers classified as digital nomads choose to work outside their hometown, and constantly search for opportunities to grow. The result is that several companies are implementing fresh strategies, aimed to attract millennials that have a share of 47% among the freelancers.

Going by the present growth rate, there is an estimate that 45% Canadians will work as freelancers by 2020. The government in Canada has made immigration provisions, and is offering specific programs for freelancers and entrepreneurs who intend to migrate to Canada.

1. The Self Employed Program

The category caters to the applicants who intend to be on self-employment, and migrate to Canada, and are in a position to opt for considerable contribution to the society. They also need related work experience to do the cultural activities, athletics at the top-notch level or be on self-employment in these fields, during the last five years to qualify.

The selection criteria in this program are as follows:

  • Work Experience of 2 years during the last 5 years;
  • qualifications in Post -secondary education in the select field;
  • Age has to be between 18 and 35 years.
  • For Language: proficiency in French/English;
  • He/she must be adaptable to the national society easily,
  • Applicants must obtain a score at least of 35 from 100 points, depending on the requirements.

The Points are calculated in the following manner:

Scoring System for Selection Criteria

Selection criteria

Maximum Points







Ability in English and/or French






The applicant and his/her family members above 18 years, have to submit biometrics, relevant police certificates and the medical examination for immigration, administered by the Approved Panel Of Physicians as directed by IRCC.

This Self Employed Program has no net worth requirement but applicants must be in a position to support their own self and also the dependents.

2. Start-Up Visa Program

The category caters to the applicants who intend starting a Canadian business and aim to create jobs for pioneering entrepreneurs, and compete globally. The qualifying norms are that, one (or in excess of one) among these designated organizations, have to invest or give support with $20000 in the startup.

These are the applying criteria in the program:

  • Obtaining a supporting letter from any of these organizations:
  • Venture Capital Funds; Business incubators, Angel investor groups;
  • Having a qualifying business
  • Meeting the language requirements of level 5 in the CLB in English or French
  • Bringing sufficient money for settling and supporting the dependents

Minimum Funds Required for Dependants

Number of family members

Funds Required(in Canadian dollars)















Each additional family member


The process of budgeting should involve these considerations:

  • Canadians by and large spend 35% -50% of salary for housing/utilities.
  • Rent is around $350 for a month for one room, and $2,000 for a month for the apartment /house
  • Half of the salary is necessary for meeting the household expenses (heating, food, health insurance, clothing, and transport,)
  • There are salary-deductions for income tax, insurance, employment pension totaling to close to 35% of income.
  • Prepare also for unforeseen and medical expenses

3. Entrepreneur Programs

Applicants who are Self-employed are in a position to seek the Provincial Nomination Programs. These programs do not cater to freelancers specifically, and have a few restrictive requirements, but there is an option, if the person wishes to migrate to a particular province that offers a PNP.

The workforce is flexible in meeting the modern needs and requirements of the society. Canada is a rare country that has made a provision for entrepreneurs and digital nomads in its immigration policies. All the persons venturing out on their own drive, or those contemplating the pursuance of self-employment, can opt for Canada. With our professional guidance and expertise migrating to Canada is easy.

Please contact us and we will be happy to guide you and meet your expectations.

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