Top Offbeat Careers that Graduates can Opt for


Graduates feel that it is very tough to find jobs in Canada in this huge job market. Competitions are also high and candidates really find it difficult to find the Canada jobs as they don’t know the proper channel to go through.

These candidates are not aware that they have a lot of options laid in front of them apart from the conventional job offers in Canada.


Certain offbeat careers are listed down for the recent graduates so as to help them stand out from the crowd:

Blogger: If you have the desired skills for writing and like to play with words then blogging is just the right career for you. Blogging was considered as a hobby by many people in the olden days, but today blogging has become a serious career choice. If you have the required knack for blogging, then a full-fledged career is waiting for you in the sectors like entertainment, software and retail field. The basic skills required for this field is good communications and good command over English.

Average compensation an entry-level candidate gets is between 2-4 lakhs/annum.

Radio Jockey: Radio is said to be the popular segment of media these days. While a radio jockey is an important element of this field. People who have a great voice and love to talk, have a great and exciting career option. The basic skills required for this field is creativity, interpersonal skills, writing, speaking, researching, analytical skills, and knowledge of broadcasting and editing.

An average compensation an entry-level candidate receives is 2-4 lakhs/annum.

Event Management: As we all are aware that event management involves organizing various events or functions as per the audience requirement. This field is in high demand and the career growth these days are also high as different kinds of events are taking place on daily basis. The skills required for this field is planning, creativity, organizational skills, analytical and problem-solving skills.

An average compensation an entry-level candidate receives is 3.5 – 6 lakhs/annum.

Photo Journalist: It is one of the sought after profession these days. It is a segment of journalism that uses images to tell the entire story. One can also work as a freelancer in this field. The desired skills required in this field to prosper is communication skills, decision-making skills, inventive nature, and knowledge of photo and editing skills.

The average compensation received by an entry-level candidate is 3-6 lakhs/ annum.

Food Taster: What if you get paid for eating too!! isn’t it exciting, but not everybody can do this. Certain tests are performed to hire people in this field. Candidates should be able to give the proper description of food. For this the candidate should be a foodie, should be willing to try all the food that has been made all over the globe and should have good communication skills.

The average compensation received by an entry-level candidate is 3-6 lakhs/annum.

Environmentalist: An environmentalist is also called as an environmental scientist. He/she basically help the public or organization to make relevant decisions regarding the environment. The environmentalist direct, organize, coordinate and plan the implementation and development of the environment by identifying various environmental issues like waste and pollution treatment. The skills required to be successful in this field is project management skills, leadership quality, analytical, research and problem-solving skills.

The average compensation for an entry-level candidate is 3.5 – 6 lakhs/annum.

Graphic Artist: Graphic designers are in great demand these days in industries like internet/dotcom, gaming, and mobile app. They are required to develop various designs, think creatively, put new ideas and concepts into the interactive designs. The skills required in this field is project management, artistic and creative skills and knowledge of software like Corel Draw and Photoshop.

The basic compensation the entry-level candidates receive is between 2.5 – 5 lakhs/ annum.

Story Teller: Storytelling is not a new concept. But with the advent of social media and digitization, this has added another dimension to this craft. The recent mediums have made the storytelling a most sought-after career. The skills required in this field is confidence, communication skills, creativity and presentation skills.

Average compensation that an entry-level candidate gets is Rs. 2-4 lakhs/annum.

Image Consultant: In this competitive world image consultant plays an important role in developing a corporate and individuals image. They advise people and make an effort to improve their personality, presentation, and public speaking skills. One can also become an entrepreneur in this field. Skills required are communication skills, good listening traits, confidence and presentation skills.

Average compensation an entry-level candidate can get is Rs. 2-4 lakhs/ annum.

Ethical Hacker: It involves hacking into a network with the aim to test the security breach rather than a criminal intent. There is a huge demand of ethical hackers these days in IT, banking and other sectors. The basic skills required is good knowledge of web security, networking protocols, analytical and problem-solving skills.

Average compensation received by the entry-level candidates is between 3-6 lakhs/annum.

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