Job Search in this Year – Look at Trends Around the World

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Each year, trends in job search are analyzed to know the ascending and the descending issues. Patterns observed in such an exercise inform us about the work and also about the social trends happening in the country.

This is an investigation of global trends, to find out issues working on the minds of job seekers in several countries, spread across the globe.

These trends were extensive searches for tech jobs and related to greater flexibility in many places but some are more country-specific. The results provide a fascinating insight into the issues job seekers of the world have in common and also help us to know what makes them unique.

In Canada, Full Time, Finance and Marijuana were placed at the top and there was a drop in the old programming languages.

In Australia 457 visa sponsorship saw a steep rise followed by anything and robotics. The government department Centrelink faced a decline here.

Germany witnessed a surge in Part-time and Education. The trends showed a decline in the office of migration.

France witnessed a surge in Part-time and Happiness whereas PR Manager registered a decline.

In the UK, Overseas Nurses Program, digital media apprenticeship, and blockchain saw popularity but professional drivers saw a decline.

In the USA, the top searches were regarding the Experience required, Hurricane, Technical Jobs, and Marijuana.

Ireland saw an increase in the talent attraction as the neighboring UK was experiencing tough times. Part-time and summer internship followed it.  Searches for construction dropped sizably.

Belgium saw that Java and the new Government score high. Software testing faced a decline here.

India is opting for work from home and this segment claimed the top spot followed by Tech. Pharmaceuticals saw a drop here.

In the Netherlands, the Canadians opened the Hudson’s Bay Store and took it to the top spot. 50 Plus and Drenthe Province took the other spots. Nurses faced a decline owing to shortage and work pressure.

With these trends, we know that people are in search of a better world and better jobs. There is a hope for the New Year that it will start new trends.

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