Business Development Specialist

  • 2-5 Year
  • Fredericton
  •   Posted On: June 20, 2018
  •   Skills:  Business Development, Communication

Job Overview

Roles & Responsibilities

If you decide to join Mitacs as a Business Development Specialist, this is what we expect from you:

Work closely with members of Mitacs’ Programs, Research and Business Development teams to develop programs of the highest quality.

Work closely with academic authorities to fully understand the expertise of professors and students, to find partnerships with companies or NPOs, and to identify the best Mitacs programs that make the most of research partnerships identified.

Establish and maintain a network of partners / clients in the private sector

Make companies aware of various Mitacs programs and events .

Present companies to different university researchers.

Provide support to the Business Development team as needed.

If necessary, provide all Mitacs programs with business development support.

Do not you find this post stimulating and rewarding? We hope so, because if it is, there is a good chance that this job is tailor-made for you.

These are the qualifications you already have that will help you meet the challenges of the job:

Hold a PhD recently (1 year or 2 years)

Have excellent communication skills .

Have excellent presentation skills.

Demonstrate initiative, enthusiasm, and be energetic.

Like to work in a team.

Be creative and innovative.

To pursue a career in a field other than research and academia

To be able to work under great pressure.

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