Care Coordinator

  • 2-6 Year
  • Belleville
  •   Posted On: March 8, 2018
  •   Skills:  Computer skills, Customer Service, Patient Care

Job Overview

Roles & Responsibilities

As a Care Coordinator within our Belleville office, your focus will be on ensuring a positive patient and family experience by effectively scheduling direct care providers in the community to meet the requirements of patient care plans. You’ll be part of a team of Care Coordinators working diligently to provide as much consistency of care as possible while meeting the scheduling requirements of both patients and care providers. Frequently problem-solving, you’ll be the central point of contact for patients and families, care providers and referral sources. Effective care coordination is an important element of service delivery; as a result, you must be driven to help others in a compassionate and caring way while balancing the pressures to deliver on scheduling requirements.


As a Care Coordinator, you will:

Use scheduling software effectively to fulfill patients’ care plans
Provide field staff with accurate schedules on a weekly basis
Ensure care providers are scheduled effectively and efficiently
Communicate effectively with care providers to ensure schedules are carried out
Communicate with patients and families when schedule challenges arise, and problem-solve effectively
Maintain accurate records of care provider availability
Maintain continuity of care whenever possible
Take into consideration the individual needs of patients (and families), and of care providers, when making decisions
Maintain accessibility by phone for patients, care providers, referral sources and other stakeholders
Actively pursue positive relationships with care providers and patients
Follow up appropriately on missed visits
Liaise with Care Supervisors to share patient and care provider feedback
Resolve or escalate, as required, client concerns/issues
Ensure dated notes are timely and clear, and contain appropriate and required information
Ensure accurate, timely documentation and/or phone calls, both external and internal
Respond to faxes and emails in a timely manner
Prepare daily performance and tracking reports in a timely manner
Enter all critical and relevant information into the system for appropriate follow-up and documentation
Escalate appropriate concerns or risks for review and/or follow-up.


To take on the role of Care Coordinator, you must:

Have customer service experience
Have computer skills
Demonstrate excellent telephone etiquette
Be able to remain calm in stressful situations
Be able to empathize with the complexity and difficulty of each client or field staff situation
Be a detail-oriented, adaptable and customer-focused team player
Combine strong interpersonal skills with analytical problem-solving abilities
Be self-directed, goal-oriented and able to manage time and priorities
Possess medical knowledge or a medical background, and supervisory skills will be considered assets

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