Diversity & Outreach Specialist March 2018

  • 1-3 Year
  • Kentville
  •   Posted On: April 7, 2018
  •   Skills:  Communication, Public Relations

Job Overview

Roles & Responsibilities

The Municipality of Kings is one of the fastest growing regions in Nova Scotia and has a diverse blend of urban and rural

communities that offers a wonderful quality of life to its residents. The Diversity & Outreach Specialist will be responsible for

the development, management, and monitoring of our diversity and outreach efforts (i.e., Action Plan to Eliminate Racism

and Discrimination) inside and outside our organization. The Diversity & Outreach Specialist will also liaise with residents,

community groups / agencies, Boards and Commissions to raise the profile of Municipality of the County of Kings and to

assist in the development of the Municipality’s diversity and outreach initiatives.

Reporting to and under the direction of the Supervisor of Administration and Human Resources the successful candidate will:

Develop, recommend, implement, monitor, and evaluate diversity and outreach policies, procedures, and programs

(i.e., Diversity Management Policy);

Engage with citizens who face barriers in voicing their opinions or who wish to participate in local government;

Provide leadership and coordination for training, development, and education initiatives;

Support the RRADC through implementation of the Action Plan to Eliminate Racism and Discrimination;

Under the instruction of the CAO and in conjunction with the Mayor coordinate, develop and implement the

municipal communications strategy;

Under the instruction of the CAO and in conjunction with the Mayor develop and implement an effective media

coordination system to ensure Corporate and Council media announcements/releases;

Ensure citizens are informed of municipal meetings, projects, programs, or decisions of Council through a variety of

mediums (mail outs, emails, social media, etc); and

Coordinate corporate public relations activities and events.

Desirable Qualifications for the position include:

Undergraduate degree specializing in Diversity Management, Public Administration, Communications, Business or a

related field of study plus 1 – 3 years related experience;

Experience and knowledge in more than one of the following: communications, adult education principles /

practices, principles of diversity in the workplace, diversity training, research and analysis, and use of technology to

increase participatory culture;

Strong communication skills (oral and written);

Strong knowledge of computer applications within a Windows environment with an emphasis on Microsoft Word,

Excel, and PowerPoint;

Demonstrated success implementing diversity and outreach initiatives in a workplace or community.

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