Engineer B Central Steam Plant (building Shift Operations)

  • 3-5 Year
  • Toronto
  •   Posted On: September 20, 2018
  •   Skills:  Communication, Mechanical Engineering, Turbo Machinery CFD

Job Overview

Roles & Responsibilities

Typical Duties:

The following illustrative tasks indicate the level of skill required and the extent of responsibility involved in this job; they in no way limit the incumbent to the tasks indicated: 

a) regular rounds to check mechanical equipment and perform needed mechanical service; 

b) ensures continuous efficiency of all mechanical equipment services and faculty equipment;

c) provides running maintenance by checking lube levels of compressors and adjustments to all equipment and controls;

d) answers and reacts promptly to all trouble calls or alarms from buildings during off hour and weekend shifts;

e) reviews computer printouts and alarms and takes appropriate action;

f) co-ordinates and/or assists outside contractors and University of Toronto Trades Services when work is performed during shift;

g) housekeeping: painting, sweeping floors, cleaning piping, boilers and equipment;

h) responds to off duty calls to correct emergency situations and problems; and

i) maintains daily log sheets on operating equipment and records all important events that occur during shift and communicates with relief shift engineer on event issues.


Education: High School graduate or equivalent combination of education and experience plus a Third (3rd) Class Operating Engineer Certification valid in the Province of Ontario.

Experience: Minimum of three (3) year’s experience as an operating engineer. Must have a good working knowledge of the operation and maintenance of mechanical equipment, including refrigeration, heating (e.g. boilers) and air handling systems, and ability to comprehend and apply environmental control principles. Must have: basic electrical knowledge and trouble-shooting skills, basic proficiency in standard office computer applications (e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel, Windows OS) and familiarity with computerized Building Automation Systems or other computerized control systems. 

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