Hydraulic Mechanic

  • 3-5 Year
  • St. John's
  •   Posted On: October 17, 2018
  •   Skills:  Mechanical Engineering-ME, Turbo Machinery CFD
  • Industry: Other
  • Job Type: Full Time

Job Overview

Roles & Responsibilities


High school diploma or equivalent. 

Work experience and demonstrated ability of oral and written communication may be substituted in lieu of formal education.

Valid medical examination and vaccination certificates

Knowledge of technical calculations required for mechanical operations and basic computer skills



Carry out mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic installation, maintenance, and repair in a safe and prudent manner 

Perform daily inspections and maintenance on mechanical equipment

Maintain and repair mechanical systems and equipment i.e. prime movers, air and water system, lubrication and fuel system, etc.

Troubleshoot and repair faulty mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic equipment and tools

Assist in maintaining marine equipment, i.e. cranes, thrusters, ballast pumps and valves, auxiliary equipment, etc. identify and respond to abnormal operating conditions and/or patterns of equipment

Carry out periodic maintenance according to the Rig Maintenance System (RMS) guidelines and coordinate that maintenance with supervisors and other department heads

Ensure that requirements concerning regulatory bodies are met in all cases of equipment repair and installation

Comply with the permit to work and isolation system

Maintain service reports and advise supervisor on condition of equipment and spare parts requirements

Perform machine work with lathe, drill press, grinding and surfacing equipment install, operate, maintain and repair additional or temporary mechanical equipment used for special operations

Assist in implementing outstanding recommendations from equipment audits, as issued by Clients, Regulatory Authorities or rig management

Assist in ensuring that all third-party equipment is fit for purpose, certified, correctly installed, and maintained while on the rig inform supervisor and other department heads of any technical problems or limitations that may affect the safe operation of the rig

Maintain an adequate supply of spares to fulfill maintenance requirements and facilitate a safe and efficient operation

Ensure that service, maintenance and other operational reports are accurate and complete

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