Senior Contract Administrator

  • 10-15 Year
  • Toronto
  •   Posted On: November 6, 2017
  •   Skills: 

Job Overview

Roles & Responsibilities

Staging Process of Contract Administration:

  • Collect all contract related documents and correspondence
  • Review against Clarity, PCS3 and existing spreadsheets to ensure that contract documents received are complete
  • Review historic records of contracts, changes & amendments to assess the current status of each contract
  • Prepare a tasks/work break down structure for the contract
  • Work with Lead Project Accountant for coding and budget verification
  • Review proposed contract breakdown structure, deliverables, etc. with Directors and PM’s
  • Arrange the contract breakdown structure review with contractors (vendors) and manage any questions/discrepancies/changes
  • Upon agreement on the final contract breakdown, enter the contract details in Primavera Contract Management system (CM14)
  • Prepare reports (summary & detail) to support the new current status and review with Directors

Future State (for assigned corridors/programs):

  • Supervisory responsibility: Lead, direct, develop and train the assigned contract administration team
  • Provide training and guidance to Metrolinx staff on contract administration matters, system entries, etc.

Pre Award:

  • Assist the Procurement team in preparing and processing competitive tender documents by engaging with all stakeholders (project team, directors, legal, estimators, finances) to determine tender schedule, project schedule, budget and feasibility of tendering
  • Assist the Procurement team in developing commercial conditions/documentation for tenders/proposals and contracts including special commercial conditions
  • Review draft scope of work/specifications with the Project team and advise Procurement on changes/additions related to scope of work/specifications
  • Review final draft of tender commercial conditions, scope of work and specifications and give approval for Procurement to prepare issuance of the tender package to bidders per Procurement departmental procedures
  • Review bid results with stakeholders to determine recommended approved bid per the terms of the tender and prepare letter of recommendation for appropriate levels of approval authorization in accordance with Metrolinx’s Approval Authorization Policy.

Post Award:

  • Assist the contract administrators in setting up contracts, work packages, costing and budgeting in Primavera CM14
  • Review with the project team, contract package submission to determine work package breakdown for deliverables and costing and to assist the Resident Engineer’s team in preparing the list of submittals/deliverables that contractors are to provide during the contract for construction type contract invoicing management.
  • Participate in kick‐off meetings as required
  • Assist in evaluating/negotiating commercial aspects of Work Plan submissions and processing Work Plan
  • Releases for Consultancy Contracts
  • Assist in the preparation of contract‐related accruals as required
  • Assist in negotiating or lead negotiations (when requested) on final settlement of quantities for unit price contracts
  • Claims – Lead claims settlement and dispute resolution efforts
  • Claims – Review and recommendation of rationale for contract changes/claims and implementing claims avoidance and mitigation practices/strategies
  • Claims – Advise the team in negotiations to establish acceptable settlement of price and terms for changes and claims with contractors as well as coordinating support from other departments
  • Attend progress and engineering review meetings as required
  • Draft and/or review letters and memoranda for managers regarding commercial/contractual matters
  • Assist in the preparation of reports on contractor’s performance
  • Prepare and/or assist in the preparation of reports
  • Review reports/contract status with project teams
  • Provide oversight and quality assurance for the activities performed by the assigned contract administration team:
    • Day to day activities associated with post‐award contract administration activities, consistent with the internal contract management policy and procedures/guidelines
    • Ensuring completeness, integrity and accuracy of contract related data in the CM14 database
    • Interpreting contract and ensuring compliance with contract terms and the requirements of the scope of the work
    • Administering payment process including negotiating contact price breakdowns, progress payments, offsite inventory payments, reviewing Certificates of Payment and assessing back charges and liquidated damages
    • Processing release of holdback payments as per the Construction Lien Act
    • Preparing estimates for proposed changes/amendments/claims
    • Processing Requests for Quotes, Contract Amendments/Changes and Change Directives
    • Evaluating and preparing analysis of contractor’s submissions for changes and claims
    • Monitoring contract progress and reporting
    • Processing documentation for contract close out
    • Preparing an analysis as to the nature and value of contract amendments/changes at the completion of each contract
  • Accountable for completeness and accuracy of related system’s entries and contractual documentation for the assigned corridor/program. 
The minimum qualifications for this position are:
Qualifications and experience:
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Architecture, Construction/Project Management or related field; or College Diploma in Engineering, Architecture, Construction/Project Management or related field combined with equivalent professional experience
  • 10-15 years direct related experience
  • Contract administration or contract management experience in large value projects/programs required (over $100M)
  • Construction/Engineering experience required
  • 5+ years supervisory experience
  • Claims settlement and dispute resolution experience related to major capital projects. Transit projects experience is an asset.
  • Experience in coordinating the development of price estimates for material, labor and equipment costs and ability to analyze production and construction schedules for evaluating changes and claims
  • Experience in management of stakeholder, vendor, contractor and project team relationships
The ideal candidate will possess the following skills and experience:
Technical Skills:

  • Ability to read and comprehend technical specifications and drawings, and possess a good understanding of technical issues related to revenue vehicle/equipment manufacturing, engineering design and construction, as well as solid understanding of legal and commercial issues and practices related to tender and contract law
  • Solid knowledge of public procurement processes and practices.
  • Knowledge and understanding of various project delivery methods – DBB, DB, P3 etc.
  • Ability to interpret contracts, identify applicable provisions, provide guidance to project management team as it relates to contractual matters
  • Ability to plan, schedule and organize a variety of activities that deal with stressful situations involving complex issues with tight deadlines with a high degree of accuracy
  • Excellent negotiation skills and the ability to develop strategies, plan schedules and advise in complex negotiations regarding commercial, legal and technical issues o Superior business application skills (e.g., Microsoft Excel, Word) Primavera CM14 – a plus, P6 – a plus
  • Excellent communications skills, both written and verbal, to effectively interface with program/project stakeholders of all levels (Project Managers, Program Managers, Program/Project Directors, Technical Department Managers, etc.)
  • Excellent business acumen
  • Excellent project controls skills
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Superior teamwork skills, ability to work well with others under pressure of deadlines
  • Service focused, result oriented

About CH2M Hill

CH2M was founded in 1946 in Corvallis, Oregon by Oregon State University civil engineering professor Fred Merryfield and three of his students: Holly Cornell, James Howland and Thomas Burke Hayes (the firm was named after the founders, with Howland and Hayes making up the H2 portion).[5] Cornell, Howland, and Hayes were all graduates of Oregon State University.[6] The company became CH2M Hill name after a 1971 merger with Clair A. Hill and Associates of Redding, California.[7] The firm remained headquartered in Oregon until 1980, when a decision was made to relocate to Colorado, a more central location in the United States.

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