Canadian Experience for Immigrants and Newcomers


Is it your first time in the country of Canada or you are considering moving to the country to work? Then you probably should know that hiring companies demand that aspiring employees have work experience in Canada. That is one important thing they ask for.

This might seem like an impossible demand especially if you are coming from a country that obviously isn’t Canada. I mean, how do they expect you to have already work experience in a country you haven’t worked in before?

For some job seekers, work experience from their previous jobs or educational qualifications may just not be enough to get you that desired jobs.


So what exactly do employers mean when they say Canadian job experience?

Well, according to experts, hiring companies look out for experience in a Canadian work environment so that employees can easily adapt to work environment expectations, traditions, and rigors.

Various nations have various cultures, and they differ in a lot of ways.

Since there is this discrepancy, new bies to the job scene may need work experience in Canada to be able to meet up to the expectations of what it means to work in the country. Experts also say that having a curriculum vitae that is tailored to the requirements of the country would go a long way in helping you secure that job. Also, getting some form of education in the country is crucial too.

There are other facets to the working experience in Canada also. They are as follows:

  1. Hiring companies require that you be fluent in any one of English or French. The language of choice is dependent on the province in which the firm is located. It is imperative to the hiring process. The accent is not a problem as long as the applicant can understand contextual meaning of the word.
  2. Hiring companies also require you to have some sort of certification from the country. The certification need not be a Bachelor’s degree.
  3. Hiring companies also look out for specialization. Applicants make the error of putting so many things on their resume that is not important to their field. Hiring companies require specialization from applicants.

Experts also suggest that applicant learns how to market themselves. As a newbie to the job market in Canada, it is imperative you learn the art of marketing yourself. That would most likely give you the edge. In the country, a phrase you would most likely hear is “No Canadian work experience, no employment.”

That seems to be a sticky situation for some as they previously do not have any work experience in the country.

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