New Internships Reach Out to Graduates for Island Careers



A new internship program was introduced which will help the post-secondary graduates of the Island to prepare effectively to become a good leader in the Prince Edward Island. This internship for graduates will run for six-months. It will cover engineering, Construction Technology and Management, Computer-Aided Design and Drafting, as well as Policy Planning.

Success of the province

Paula Biggar, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure said that retaining and attracting young Islanders is decisive in the success of the province. Furthermore it has the capacity to bring new contributions, perspectives and creativity also. This internship has the aim of providing an opportunity to the youth. Additionally it will help to build a strong and dynamic future for the Island.

Transportation, Energy and Infrastructure will put up an advertisement regarding six job postings at Canada jobs portal. Accordingly, all Eligible candidates must complete one post-secondary degree/diploma in the past two years in their specific area of study.


This Internship Program is an extension of the investment in education of the Government of Prince Edward Island. It will provide extensive training, and equip the youth of the Island, to meet success.

The recent operating budget (2018-19) of the province makes a strategic investment and supports the youth of the Island:

  • The tuition in the three post-secondary institutions of the province will be free for 1,000 citizens who have a low-income owing to the new grants of the provincial and federal funds;
  • The new Island Advantage Bursary will grant the funds of $3,600 to Island students. It is for the benefit of students who join a post-secondary program of four-years on PEI;
  • There is a new JOBS funding especially for community partners having an amount of $1 million. This will increase the ability of the Islanders to connect them to jobs;
  • The pioneering long-term culture plan has a plan to invest $1.5 million in this flourishing industry. This will go a long way to help in the export of the unique culture of the Island in the world. Furthermore it aims to create more domestic jobs also.
  • There will be a partnership with industry like Team Seafood, Team Trucking, Team Construction, and Harvest and Prosper which will help Islanders to find suitable jobs. Additionally it will help companies in many sectors to fill up the vacancies where the high demanded jobs.
  • The Rural Growth Initiative will give $2.6 million to community groups. This will have the purpose of growing jobs and businesses. Moreover, it will attract and keep the people in rural areas.

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