New Rules for Part-Time Employees Begin in Ontario

part-time employees begin in Ontario

A new set of rules, regarding receiving equal pay for doing the equal work are now being implemented in Ontario. The requirement is that all the categories of employees – part-time, seasonal and casual, must get the payment at the same rate. This rate is comparable to the rate of full-time employees in case they do the same types of jobs.

Upcoming new rules

These rules will come into effect from April 1. They are a part Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act of the province. It is the similar law which had increased the minimum wages in Ontario (to $14 per hour) on the arrival of the New Year.
These rules are pioneering in nature. It is the first area in North America which will pay equally to the employees working in part-time basis.


Presently, the rules have made an amendment to the Employment Standards Act of the province. It says that the state employers cannot make a less payment to a temporary or part-time worker. The rate in question was the one making the payment to full-time workers if they do the same kind of work. It also mentioned about the same skills and efforts needed, and discharging similar responsibility. There was also a clause regarding doing work in similar conditions.


The law permitted exemptions which are based on merit, seniority, or a measuring system to know earnings by quality/quantity of production.
The government in Ontario says that these rules will give protection to temporary workers. Presently, the part-time workers represent 20 percent of total workforce.

Employees get a right

In these rules, the employees get a right to request about reviewing their pay rate. This will be considered in case they are not receiving equal pay for their work compared to full-time employees. The employer must respond to this request. He must adjust the pay, or give an explanation in writing for the issue.
Furthermore, the New Act will give protection to workers if any impact happens for inquiring regarding this pay rate. They also get protection, when they ask other employees regarding their wage.
All Agencies must presently ensure that the temporary employees receive proper payments. This must be similar to wage paid to full-time workers when they are doing a similar task.

An observation

There is an observation in the province, in the past 20 years, that the Temporary Help Agencies have come up everywhere. They are creating troubles like the happening of permanent – cum temporary workers. Here, the workers get contracts consecutively, and they do not get jobs in Ontario for full-time. In fact, they get the payment at a low rate and also do not receive any benefits.

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