Processing of Refugee Claims to be Expedited by Canadian Protection Division

csis and cbsa

The Expedited Policy pursued by Canada has created a process regarding the claims by petitioners who are nationals of certain countries. It is determined whether the person is a Convention refugee or a person requiring protection without a hearing. The expedited process is a method for resolving all the refugee claims in a fair and efficient manner.

Security issues remain supreme in this expedited processing and the claimants of refuge in Canada need to go through security screening. It is conducted by the CBSA jointly with the CSIS.

Additionally, a representative of the Minister has the right to intercede and initiate some evidence and also question the claimant regarding refugee claim. When the representative of the Minister indicates an intention to intervene, the claim loses eligibility to be considered for accelerated processing.

In case of receiving security screening confirmation at the RPD and a situation where the representative of the Minister decides not to intervene, it does not mean that all claims from the countries will have expedited processing. On reviewing the file, if the member decides that it is not proper to approve it based on the proofs available, the claim goes for a hearing.

Only a few claims from specified nations have the eligibility to be considered for the expedited process. In order to be successful for the claim, it needs to originate from a country which is designated under the Policy of Expedited Processing for Refugee Claims.

The designation of a Country is based on the fact whether claims from that country are proper to be considered without resorting to hearing. The following factors are also considered:

  1. The latest rate of acceptance of claims it;
  2. Claims do not generally involve complex issues; and
  3. The volume of cases heard by the RPD from that country.

Countries eligible for the expedited process from January 1, 2018

  • Afghanistan
  • Burundi
  • Egypt
  • Eritrea
  • Iraq
  • Syria
  • Turkey
  • Yemen

The expedited process only applies to claims made in Canada

The RPD decides refugee claims which are made in Canada only. Probable claimants in Canada need to talk to a CBSA officer at a legal port of entry on arrival, or to an IRCC officer or of CBSA. The officer takes a decision regarding eligibility. If found deserving, it is sent to the RPD to start the processing of a claim for refugee status.

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