Ontario Province Supports Young People to Prepare for Jobs in Belleville


The present age is becoming increasingly digital. Ontario has made a plan to help young people who are between the 12 and 15 years so that they can learn the art of coding. This will greatly help them in improving their digital skills, and also prepare them for good jobs.

The government has announced a new program, in partnership with the Brookfield Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In Belleville the partners for this is the Belleville Public Library.


Accordingly, this Digital Literacy Pilot has been designed to provide new skills to around 1,000 youths. They are related to the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  The aim is to equip them with skills which are in great demand by employers.

The program has a focus on digital literacy, and community development. Besides, there is a stress on youth engagement, and educational policy. It will run in five cities of the province, which include London, Hamilton, Sudbury, and Toronto.

The government, by using this plan aims to increase digital literacy. This will lead to the growth of highly skilled workforce. Moreover, it offer care, and create many opportunities for the youth. This will also create an impact on their life in a period of great economic change. The plan includes issuing prescription drugs free of cost. The persons in the age below 25 years or 65 and above can take its benefit. Expansion of Medicare, free tuition for several students, and a better minimum wage are its pillars. Furthermore it will create better working conditions, and provide easy access to low cost child care.

Quick Facts

Ontario has a plan of investing $1 million in two years towards the Digital Literacy and Coding Pilot. This will be equal to the private donation of Greg Belbeck, Janice Fukakusa, and family.

Teaching Coding, and improving Digital Literacy

Ontario will increase the numbers of STEM graduates. There will be a focus on graduation of 1,000 applied masters in Artificial Intelligence, in five years. This will make Ontario the top producer of STEM graduates in North America.

The Brookfield Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is independent and is located in Ryerson University. Firstly, it aims to making Canada the finest country in the world for innovators and entrepreneurs. It is going to be an important step to make the province digitally inclusive.  Furthermore, it will nurture curiosity, and create a love of learning among the young people and prepare them for an ideal job opportunity. Consequently, the young people can develop all the skills that are needed for a grand success. The new workforce will stay competitive and adapt to reach new heights in the new digital economy. Moreover they will know the recent technological trends.

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