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Canada Jobs want you to afford a safe and secure user experience, we are devoted to protect our user’s privacy.

Our privacy policy is designed to make sure that we clearly communicate to you how we collect, use and process your personal information. Please check the terms of use and privacy policy on regular basis to ensure that you are aware of all terms and policies governing your use of the site.

How Canada Jobs collects user Information

Canada Jobs is a job portal, It helps job seekers to find the best job based on the information such as salary related information, company details, prior work experience details, individual’s name, employee or employer name, email address, contact details, opinion of employee on his present or previous employer and recruiters to select best fit candidate based on skill set, experience, industry and company rating & reviews.

Canada Jobs collects information from user when the user performs following activities:

  • Registering account as user as job seeker or recruiter
  • Uploads a resume
  • Adds company or posts a job
  • Posts a comment on our page or social networking sites about Canada Jobs
  • Contacts the Canada Jobs team for any support or help
  • Visits/uses our website
  • Signing up for email alerts for job ads or any other services

The information collected by us may vary depending on how you use or interact with the Canada jobs website. As a matter of fact, the information collected by us solely depends on the information provided by you for utilization of our website services. You should only provide us the information that you agree to share the same in accordance with our terms of use and privacy policy.

We collect your personal information as per requirement to comply with legal or contractual obligations, if any. As it is mandatory to collect personal information to use in such scenario, so, we will not be able to provide our services unless you provide such required personal information.

Collecting Information from other Resources

Canada Jobs collects information from other automated means such as on website visits, that include and not limited to which sections or pages of the website are visited, a number of visits to the particular section, the period of time spent on a particular section. The data is anonymous and is not used to identify any individual information.

The IP address of the user will be recorded by web servers in order to help our team in resolving website issues and other technical problems, if any. This is an aggregated data, so, it cannot be traced to an individual user.

If you login or sing up into our website using your social network accounts such as Facebook or Google+ or LinkedIn, then the basic details such as name, email address, contact details, etc. will be received from your social network accounts. But, the information collected may depend on your social network account privacy settings.

Canada Jobs uses personal information for limited purposes

Primary intention for the collection of personal information is to provide better access to the Canada Jobs site and enhance user experience. The collected personal information can be used for limited purposes that include:

  • Verify your identity
  • To control your access and usage
  • To update the new additions or modifications to the site
  • For providing information of job seekers to employers and vice versa
  • Add, remove, customize, develop and improve features or services and support of our site
  • Comply with legal obligations
  • For communication purpose with users
  • To provide appropriate information, updates and send alerts to the subscribed users


These Terms of Use including our privacy govern the user’s access to and use our (“Canada Jobs”) services. By accessing and using Canada Jobs, you are bound by these terms. Either you are using Canada Jobs by yourself or on behalf of a company, you agree to comply with these terms irrespective of having any separate agreement with Canada Jobs.

Who can Use Canada Jobs?

Anyone above 13 years can access Canada Jobs and if you are minor (under 18 years or based on jurisdiction), you can use our services under the supervision of your parent or guardian or responsible adult. To use Canada Jobs, you should have understanding, knowledge into these terms. Canada Jobs is for your personal use only unless you have an agreement with us for any other purpose. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account, password and report to us in case of any unauthorized access to your account or password.

Use Canada Jobs with Social Accounts

You can sign up and sign in into Canada Jobs account from social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn with a valid email id and password. If you access Canada Jobs through social networking site, then you agree to terms that Canada Jobs access your account data including any information, messages, tags, posts, etc. to use depending on your social network account privacy settings set by you.

User Provided Information

Canada Jobs is a job site, we do not control any such information including comments, postings, messages, salaries, company reviews, profile information, company photos, employer responses, employee reviews, interview reviews, work experience reviews, work location reviews or other data you access on Canada Jobs.

We do not endorse any information including salary information, job ads, advertisements, services or products information posted by anonymous users. We don’t assure the accuracy, reliability, quality, suitability of any such information posted by users. We assume no responsibility for any objectionable, misleading or unlawful information posted by users, third-parties and advertisers.

Vacancies advertised on Canada Jobs

Canada Jobs facilitates users to apply for jobs with third party employers we cannot guarantee your employment or interview as it depends on profile, eligibility criteria and procedure.

Canada Jobs Rules

You are solely responsible for all your usage that includes posting any information or content through your Canada Jobs account for intended lawful purposes in a manner consistent with our terms of use. You agree that by posting a review or information on Canada Jobs, you have checked and understood our “Reviews Policy”. You understood that, if your review or content or any other use of Canada Jobs violates applicable law, then you may expose yourself to liability.

You accept that you will not:

  • Impersonate another person’s name, email address, phone number or any other information and misrepresent your association with the current or previous employer.
  • Create user accounts under fraudulent practices; create or use the account for anyone other than yourself; create multiple accounts to post multiple reviews for the same job or company.
  • Post information that you do not have right to post as per terms of use of Canada Jobs.
  • Violate these terms of use, precise restrictions set forth in our Reviews Policy or any applicable law, rule and regulation.
  • Post defamatory, fraudulent, false, misleading information that doesn’t replicate your honest review.
  • Act in a manner that is threatening, racist or bigoted or any objectionable as per terms of Canada Jobs.
  • Promote or endorse any illegal activities, disclose any confidential information, non-disclosure or other contractual rights of any third party, including current or previous employers.
  • Violate the copyright, patent, trademark, publicity, trade secret or any confidential information.
  • Post any pornographic or sexually explicit in nature, or involve in the exploitation of persons or violent manner or solicit personally identifying information from minors.
  • Use Canada Jobs for commercial activities such as advertisements, external links, contests, barter and other forms of solicitation.
  • Introduce software or agents to Canada Jobs, or access data available on Canada Jobs without the permission of Canada Jobs or to create multiple accounts or post automated messages.
  • Incorporate part of Canada Jobs into any website or interlink to any portion of Canada Jobs without our authorization.
  • Copy, modify, use, sell, resell, rent, lease, loan, trade the information on Canada Jobs without our permission.
  • Interfere with, disturb, and modify any information on Canada Jobs or its functionality.
  • Set up viruses, corrupted files, trojans or similar software to Canada Jobs.
  • Try to dodge any security feature of Canada Jobs.
  • Expose Canada Jobs or its users to any harm or liability.


Special Terms to Employers

You are not supposed to offer incentives or other benefits in exchange for posting reviews. You may not trade reviews with other employers. You may not compel or attract the employees to post reviews in favour. Canada Jobs reserves right to remove a part or full review if it finds users or employees were compensated for leaving reviews.

Please note that you may not post any job that:

  • Contains false information and intentional misrepresentation of the employment details.
  • Does not abide by applicable laws according to the work location.
  • Requires money or recruit others replicating multi-level marketing.
  • Involves selection procedure where such procedure not an actual and legal requirement for the position posted.
  • Contains any logos or brands or website links or jobs other than authorized to submit on Canada Jobs.
  • Discriminates against applicants based on any of the following categories: age, gender, disability, race, religion, sexual orientation, or on any other basis prohibited by applicable laws.


Right to Edit

Though Canada Jobs has no obligation to edit or delete any review posted by users, we reserve the right to do so, if necessary. If you find any information that violates our reviews policy and terms of use, then please bring it to our notice, we will review and proceed with necessary action as soon as possible. If you believe that your review is modified or deleted without any violation of terms, then you can contact us for resolving the issue. You understand and agree that the decision whether or not to edit or delete any information is within our sole discretion.

Canada Jobs reserve all rights to full extent abide by applicable laws, to take an appropriate action for protecting the anonymity of our users. If we find any user violates our terms and policies, then Canada Jobs reserve right to take any appropriate legal action for the same as per requirement.

Copyright Policy

Please check our “Copyright Complaint Policy” for more information about copyright and trademark disputes.

Rights on Canada Jobs Information

Though we do not claim ownership in any information posted by you to Canada Jobs, we have to have certain rights to ensure legally to provide such information to our users. By submitting any information to Canada Jobs, you hereby grant to us an unrestricted, irrevocable and permanent authorization to use, copy, edit, publish, transmit, adapt, display and distribute such information in any and all media throughout the globe. You hereby explicitly surrender any and all your ethical rights applicable to Canada Jobs. You will not be compensated for the information you post on Canada Jobs. You should only submit the information to Canada Jobs whichever is comfortable for you to share with others by understanding the terms and policies of Canada Jobs.

Canada Jobs contains information provided by us and our licensors (including other users), we own and retain all proprietary rights in the information we each provide. We hereby grant users a limited and revocable access to view, copy, print and download any information for their personal use.

You agree not to reproduce, edit, transmit, publish, sell, adapt, distribute, perform or display publicly or produce copied works on Canada Jobs or its information (other than submitted by you).


You agree to protect, assure, and hold us and our respective employees, officers, agents, partners, directors and Canada Jobs team harmless from any loss, claim and liability including reasonable notary or legal representative fees, arising from your use or violation of these terms of Canada Jobs

Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability

The disclaimers and limitations of liability in this section are applicable to the fullest extent allowable under applicable law. The information provided on the site is ‘as is’ posted by users and we do not endorse or responsible for anything regarding the same. You are solely responsible for all your use that include posting reviews and interacting with Canada Jobs. We are not responsible for any inappropriate, false, unlawful and misleading information posted on Canada Jobs because of any reason.

We assume no responsibility for any kind of loss occurred to the user because of usage of Canada Jobs services. We are not responsible for any kind of information either personal or professional posted, exchanged, transmitted, and publicly displayed on Canada Jobs by any user. You are solely responsible for all your privacy and we assume no responsibility for your interactions with other users of Canada Jobs, either offline or online.

Although, we want to ensure that our services are accurate, uninterrupted, error-free, timely, ease of use, appropriate and determined but we make no warranty regarding the same. We are not responsible for any direct or indirect loss or any kind of damage arising from your use of Canada Jobs services.

Account Termination

All these terms and conditions are applicable to all the registered users of Canada Jobs as far as the account remains active. We may suspend, delete, and terminate any user account at any time without any prior intimation to the user, in extreme cases such as violation of terms. We will have no liability to any user for any such incident of termination or deletion of user data or user account or any information on Canada Jobs without any notice.

Dispute Resolution:

The user and the Canada Jobs waive off their right to act in group in the court and any action taken shall be in individual capacity only, and no represented proceedings shall be proceeded either by Canada Jobs or by the User. The group arbitration shall also not be permitted.


All claims and disputes arising under or relating Canada Jobs are to be settled by Arbitration in the state of _______. The arbitration shall be conducted on a confidential basis pursuant to Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. Any decision or award as a result of any such arbitration proceeding shall be in writing and shall provide an explanation for all conclusions of terms of Use and shall include the assessment of costs, expenses, and reasonable attorneys’ fees. Any such arbitration shall be conducted by an arbitrator appointed by both the parties situated in ______ and shall include a written record of the arbitration hearing. In case any part of the agreement between the Canada Jobs and User is unenforceable, the remaining parts of the agreement shall still be in force. An award of arbitration may be confirmed in a court of competent jurisdiction.


This website solely acts as a medium/platform for customers and service providers to connect and exchange information. The information provided on the site is ‘as is’ posted by users. We do not endorse and are not responsible for anything regarding the same. You are responsible for all your engagement on the website – include posting reviews and interacting with other registered users (Customers or Service providers). We do not have any association with third party service providers and we are not responsible for any inappropriate, false, unlawful and misleading information posted on the website for any reason. We do not guarantee any jobs for Jobseekers and in turn do not guarantee candidates for employers/recruiters.


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