Pursuing Studies in Canada: A Guide for International Students


Presently, Canada is all set to extend a warm welcome to 500,000 international students. There are great benefits of reaching Canada for the international students.  Many top colleges and universities in North America believe in active recruitment of overseas students.

Consequently, when they complete graduation, the Post-Graduation Work Permit permits all the students to commence their careers in the country. It has brought in recent changes in the selection system of Express Entry which makes it easy for the international students to obtain permanent residence. Moreover, there are several provincial immigration streams which mainly aim and attract international students.

Studying in Canada brings many benefits and we are presenting a step-by-step guide to apply for obtaining a Canada Study Permit.

Step 1: Know the Requirements

It is always important to know and understand the different requirements for schools and the courses. Candidates should also carefully analyze the rules and regulations which apply while opting for the study permit application. Select the recognized schools of study only and pay attention to approved periods of study.

Start planning for getting Canadian study permit some months in advance. The requirements for all universities/institutions are having an updated passport, great proficiency in English/French, proof of passing the specific language test, (and scoring the required grades and bands), sufficient evidence of funds to finance the study and covering the cost of living also.

Furthermore there are separate requirements between the provinces. Consequently take this step carefully in a systematic manner.

Step 2: Finalizing the Course/Institution

While choosing an institution ascertain the status whether it is a Designated Learning Institute, because only these can admit overseas students.  Also finalize the specific major course while applying to study in Canada. The academic setup in Canada is flexible and the students can switch the courses. It is wise to compare all the available options before itself. Go for a major that interests you.

Step 3: Take a Language Test to know Proficiency

Every global student has to prove proficiency in English or French. IELTS, the Cambridge English or TOEFL are the preferred test for knowing the proficiency levels in English. Equally for French, there are DALF, DELF, or TCF. Opt for the desired test, and accordingly pay the fee. It is wise to make a booking of dates in advance. Refresh your language skills, practice the tests, aim at scoring good marks and ensure that the application is not rejected.

Step 4: send the Application to Universities

After short listing the universities, obtain the application packs, and submit them. It is safe and advantageous to apply to many universities. Consider the application fees, which may cost $100 to $250.  Compare the options well, and identify the course as well as the institution properly. Have a backup of one or two alternatives also.

Exercise caution while filling the application form and ensure to give only accurate information. All details must have the backing of documentary evidence. Wait for receiving the letter of acceptance. It plays an important role in the future formalities.

Step 5: Applying for a Study Permit  

When an institution is ready to give the admission apply for the Study Permit in Canada. The aspirants can apply online or visit a visa application center. The application and the acceptance letter must be accompanied by the passport, and documentary proof of having sufficient funds to study in Canada.

In case of applications to an institution located in the province of Quebec, the acceptance letter, also has the ‘Certificat d’acceptation du Québec’. This document must accompany the study permit application.

Step 6: Travel Time

After the processing of the application and the interview, the immigration official decides about the application for study permit. When it is accepted, you must start the plan to travel to Canada.

There is a start date for the permit. It is the date from which the permit can be enforced. The candidates cannot enter Canada prior to this date. So plan accordingly.

Step 7: Study Time

The immigration officer also verifies permit as well as other documents at the point of entry before permitting anyone to enter Canada. Finally you arrive after completing the immigration formalities.

Firstly, focus on being a bright global student in Canada.

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