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Canada, a safe and multicultural country, is an outstanding destination for a number of hard-working international students.Comparatively the fee paid by a Canadian student is less than other similar nations. The placement rate is high when a student joins a top ranking college in Canada. Studying in such colleges allows several benefits, like top -class education, working opportunities, and international exposure.

Colleges in Canada offer latest technologies and world-class facilities. UNO has certified that Canada is a top place for studying. Canada has a record of investing money for education in comparison to the average invested by Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development country. It is the second largest spender in education among the G8 nations.

We present some scholarship programs in Canada which can be availed by International students:

Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program

This Scholarship of up to $10,000 is granted to Graduate Students Exchanges from Canadian institutions for five to six months.

Canada Asia-Pacific Awards

These are meant for is for scholars in Universities/Research Institutes, hailing from the Asia-Pacific Zone.

Professional Development Awards,

These are meant for students hailing from developing countries who have a work experience and a Ph.D., Master’s, Post-Doctoral degree

Doctoral Student Research Award,

This scholarship is basically granted to international students who attend colleges in Canada and participate in full graduate programs.

International Research Linkages

The International Council for Canadian Studies managed by the Canadian Government gives scholarships of $ 10,000 in this category.

Banting Fellowship (Postdoctoral), given by Government of Canada

This is meant for students who attend colleges in Canada, and the limit is $70,000 every year.

The Industrial Postgraduate Scholarships Program are given by the Council of Natural Sciences & Engineering Research – Canada, offers $15,000 annually for three years, and $6,000 is also given every year, by the participating organization. This aid is meant for exceptionally qualified graduates pursuing engineering and science studies.

Visiting Fellowships in Canadian Government Laboratories Program given by Council of Natural Sciences & Engineering Research – Canada, This fund is meant for Scientists and Engineers who pursue research with groups or leaders based in Laboratories of the Canadian government. It can be renewed for the second and third year also.

Scholars Program of Jeanne Sauvé Youth Foundation

This scholarship runs for nine-month and is meant for talented students in the age bracket of 23 to 31years.

We present the ten Best ranking colleges in Canada for:

  • Humber College which gives half or total scholarships. New global students can avail it from September or January during the year.
  • York University International students who possess an exceptional academic record and studying at York University are eligible. The amount is $60,000 – $100,000 for 4 years of studying for a degree
  • The University of British Columbia offers greater than $10 million scholarships and funds for academically oriented international students, annually. This is a great measure in helping the overseas undergraduates.
  • Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation awards $60,000 for each scholar every Year for 3 years to the students of the Developing world. This is meant for the doctoral courses in social sciences/humanities or the students who have registered full-time in the first/second year in the Canadian universities.
  • The University of Calgary awards Full time and partial scholarships to international students at the rate of $1,000 to $40,000 in diverse fields.
  • Carleton University awards $4,000 to $16,000 to excellent International Students. They must have an Admission percentage of 80%.
  • Vanier Canada awards $50,000 annually to extremely skilled Ph.D. students, or MA, Ph.D. MD, Ph.D. for three years who are studying in the Canadian Universities.
  • The University of Manitoba awards $18,000 to Ph.D. students, and $14,000 to students of a Master’s degree, to the deserving registered international students, pursuing courses in graduation, Masters, Ph.D. program at the University of Manitoba for, twelvemonth.
  • The University of Waterloo awards $1,960 -$3,920 in each term to Eligible international students’ masters or Ph.D. in research for two years Master’s.
  • The international leader of tomorrow is given to international undergraduate students, who possess
  • recognized achievements.

The following are the Requirements for granting Scholarships in Canada:

  • A Letter of recommendation must be given from the teachers of a school or college.
  • Transcripts or Grade record, and a list of the courses accompanied by honors or degrees given. These must be given by the schools/colleges where the student had pursued education.
  • An Exquisite Essay and a Personal Statement by the student.
  • The student has also to prepare for an interview and demonstrates verbal skills.
  • The student has to check for deadlines and listed requirements.
  • With all these information the student can go about and meet the norms to succeed in the academic life.

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