Resume for freshers

The main purpose of you resume is to present job applicant’s education, skills, and work experience. Taking the time to work on your resume is really important if you are looking for a job in Canada. Here we offer some basic tips and advices on how to make your resume the best as per your profile. Below are formats which can be used in your resume.

Resume Format 1:

1. Career Objective
2. Profile Summary
3. Personal Qualities
4. Academics
5. Technical Qualification
6. Projects
7. Achievements
8. Extra Curricular Activities
9. Personal Details

Resume Format 2:

1. Career Objective
2. Skill Set
3. Educational Qualification
4. Technical Skills
5. Certifications
6. Academic project
7. Other projects
8. Achievements
9. Personal Details

Resume Format 3:

1. Career Objective
2. Key skills
3. Qualification
4. Training Undertaken
5. Hobbies
6. Personal Details

Resume Format 4:

1. Career Objective
2. Educational Details
3. Computer skills
4. Awards & Achievements
5. Interests
6. Strengths
7. Personal Information

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