Salary Spotlight – Jobs Paying more than $100,000


Talking about Money has always remained a sensitive subject. Negotiating a salary in the workplace is a delicate matter. All job seekers must research, to know how worthy their services are, and what is the exact amount that they need to demand, as their salary. We present some jobs which are more competitive compared to others.  On an average, they have a current pay of more than $100, 000 per year.

The candidates must look at them closely, see what they involve, and know the qualifications needed. Healthcare, technology and business roles dominate this list.salary spotlight

Jobs that pay more than $100,000: A deep dive


Deal with disorders of the nervous system. Obtaining an undergraduate degree, followed by a graduate degree in medicine and neurosurgical residency training leads to the physician being certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. They draw an average salary of $217,837.


Deal with the brain and are skilled to diagnose and treat behavioral, emotional and mental disorders. There are Specializations like adolescent psychiatry, addiction, and geriatric areas. Psychiatrists draw an average salary of $194,563 and employment is expected to increase by 15% in the next decade.


Anaesthesiologists, make the medical procedures less painful. They draw an average yearly salary of $173,694. They are certified by the American Board of Anaesthesiology.


Radiologists are experts in dealing with medical imaging techniques like CT scans and X-rays to examine within our bodies and diagnose the conditions which are hidden from the naked eye. The field of Radiology has the disciplines of radiation oncology and diagnostic radiology which pays $168,706 on an average per year. They are required to adhere to the educational requirements specified by The American Board of Radiology.


Physicians practice medicine, and focus on a specialty, and treat a wide range of illnesses. They draw an average yearly salary of $165,391 and the demand for their services is likely to increase owing to the aging population.


It can both be generalists or specialists. They offer a wide range of services like orthodontists for straightening the teeth, periodontists for healthy gums, and prosthodontists meant for replacing missing teeth. Their Employment is anticipated to grow at a rate of 17% in the next decade. Several dentists manage their own practices, needing acumen and interpersonal skills. The dentists make $157,250 annually.

Product Managers

Product Managers bind together the variety of functions of a product. The role requires leadership qualities besides skill in designing, making a strategy, and marketing. They annually make an average $147, 36. Their career is attained through a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, finance, IT, or the liberal arts but an MBA is preferred.


Surgeons work together with physicians and treat injuries and deformities. They draw an average yearly salary of $140,892. They undergo training before getting a license and are certified by the American Board of Surgery. Their learning never discontinues and they share a culture, communicate with each other and exchange experiences to enhance their techniques and practices.

Machine Learning Engineers

Machine learning engineers deal with self-driving cars, Robots, and virtual personal assistants and make an average salary of $137,332 per year. It requires a degree in the domain of statistics, IT, or computer science, and an aptitude for writing code and experimentation. Data intuition and being comfortable with the process of development take it to the desired goal.

Sales Personnel

Sales as a career are suited for someone with the power of persuasion. Professionals have ascended to the level of Vice President of sales, which requires expertise in planning, implementing, and achieving quotas. a bachelor’s degree in business or a related field and relevant job experience are sufficient Qualifications. The average pay drawn annually is $136,071.

Data scientist

Data scientists receive $135,315 per year. It needs a bachelor’s degree followed by a master’s in statistics, computer science, or mathematics they require an expertise in coding languages like Python, SQL, and R.

Chief Financial Officers

Chief Financial Officers take care of the financial health of an organization and earn an average yearly salary of $127,887. They prepare financial reports and develop strategies to meet financial goals. They must know the technological change for taking important decisions.

Android developers

Today Android operating system reaches more than 2 billion active devices monthly. The android developers, develop applications for the platform and receive an average annual salary of $120,971. They have a master’s degree in computer science, mathematics, and possess an expertise in programming languages, like Android SDK, Java, and C++.

Software Engineer

A Software Engineer is great at coding and works with different teams. On an average, it pays $119,791 per year.

Full-stack developers

Possess specialized knowledge of all stages of Software Development Process. They draw an average annual salary of $111,709.


They are experts using mathematics and statistics in analyzing financial risk and uncertainty.  Most of them work for insurance companies and receive an average yearly salary of $111,474. Having a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics/Statistics and being become certified by the Casualty Actuarial Society is a must.

Tax managers

They are involved in preparing and examining financial records. They ensure accuracy and prepare taxes to be paid on time. They earn an average yearly salary of $108,515. a bachelor’s/master’s degree in accounting and CPA certification in the state of residence are required. There is a growing need for them in the next decade.

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