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Working in Canada ensures happiness and Better Job Satisfaction

Canada is a top destination for skilled workers and it welcomes nearly 250,000 fresh immigrants each year. Skilled overseas workers state that they find it easy to integrate successfully in the Canadian society, are happy and better engaged in their new jobs. There are Studies to show that workplaces in Canada offer great satisfaction and engagement in comparison to other... Read More

Immigrating to Canada as a Digital Nomad is easily possible

Self-employment is a latest trend that can change the job market and its future. There working hours are flexible and the environment has a change. There is extra autonomy and low overheads. Additionally, presently there are 57 million persons who work as freelancers internationally. Now more people opt to work for their own progress, in the labor market. Freelancing has... Read More

Canada Allots $1 Million Funds in Summer Jobs program in townships

There is a good growth in the Canada Summer Jobs program and there is a federal initiative this year also. There will be a $1 million funding for a massive growth in jobs in Springwater and Oro-Medonte townships. This program is an investment for the youths to be proud of. It invests in local businesses, and also in local charities.... Read More

51% increase in Indians getting Canadian Permanent Residency

Canadian Permanent Residency
There is a great Interest among the Indian Diaspora including those residing in the USA to acquire permanent residency in Canada. The facts During the entire 2018, 39,500 citizens from India obtained Canadian permanent residency using the route of Express Entry System. This is a share of 43% among the total number of PR. As per the recent statistics, Canada... Read More

Wage Funding and Skills Training leads to Success in Immigrant Employment

ECO Canada is managing a pilot project entitled Environmental Immigrant Bridging Program. It is funded by the Foreign Credential Recognition Program of the Canadian Government. The outlay Moreover, it is distributing $300,000, for wage fund support, towards employers, to hire newcomers, in their first work experience, in Canada as a part of the environmental role. So far, 100% newcomers who... Read More


There was an increase in Canadian job vacancies during the first quarter of 2019 in comparison to the similar period last year. Such an increase was noted in six major provinces and Nunavut territory. The Job vacancy scenario The Job vacancy scenario during the initial three months of 2019 was 506,000, showing 44,000 increase in comparison to the similar period... Read More

Canada – Trends in Environmental Sector: Major Jobs need a high degree

The environmental sector in Canada has a highly educated workforce. 72% of the job vacancies in the environmental sector need a Bachelor’s or higher degree of education. The sector is growing in a big way at a quick pace, and the Federal/Provincial governments have introduced many new policies and legislations to engage in the challenges to overcome climate change. Another... Read More

Canada – How to Work without A Work Permit?

Professionals who qualify under the NAFTA Business Visitors category (Sales Service) (R186 (a)) can enter Canada without needing the work permit or LMIA. The details The professionals can enter Canada, on a temporary basis, for providing professional services, (pre-arranged), as an employee, drawing a salary from the Canadian companies, or under the contract of the Canadian employers, in one 60... Read More

Canada created One million jobs since November 2015

Starting from November 2015, the government in Canada was successful in creating one million fresh jobs. It is moving towards a fast growing economy in the G7. Additionally its growth is the result of numerous important changes as well as investments to support the middle class. A million jobs Prime Minister Trudeau, elected to lead Canada since 2015, has a... Read More


Canada is welcoming professionals having an Engineering degree. They can also get a top paying job. It is a global leader in providing immigration opportunities to all categories of engineers. In Recent years there is a surge in the numbers of engineering graduates opting to immigrate to Canada for innumerable reasons. Additionally, Canadian companies have high salary packages with the... Read More

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