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Canada: Workplace Safety is greatly important

The Saskatchewan Employment Act had been introduced in 2014, and the Occupational Health and Safety Act had been repealed, leading to an increase of fines in workplaces. Owing to this, for a corporation, the fines for fatalities in Saskatchewan touched $1.5 million. The figure for an individual was $500,000. There is a trend across the country, and fines for workplace... Read More

Canada Technology- 5G Wireless Telecommunication Corridor planned for its Provinces

Canada Technology- 5G Wireless Telecommunication
Introduction The governments in Canada, Quebec, and Ontario have become strong partners. They have associated with giants of the digital world to provide the future generation of Wireless Technology. The plan There is a plan, to have a joint public-private investment, worth $400-million, for creating a corridor. This will have 5G wireless test beds across two large provinces of Canada.... Read More

Canada faces Labor Shortage 400,000 Jobs Vacant

Labor Shortage
4% jobs in British Columbia have remained unfilled, and there are signs of an increased labor shortage in Canada. Data shown by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business reveals that there are not enough workers for all jobs in the country. As per the CFIB Help Wanted Survey, 399,000  jobs vacancies existed at the end of the fourth quarter. There... Read More

Top 15 Best Jobs in Canada in 2018

Jobs in Canada
Presently Canada has a strong economy where the Finance, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Engineering job opportunities are on the rise. There was a plunge in the rate of unemployment which stood at 5.7 percent in December. The Employment growth increased beyond expectations in 2017, and the total jobs creation was 423,000. Even the per hour average earnings increased by 2.7 percent,... Read More

Canada Summer Jobs attestation endorsement from rights groups

Canada Summer Jobs
Eighty human rights groups have signed an open letter, which applauds the move of the government, requiring all the groups, which seek funds through the Canada Summer Jobs program, to affix their signature, on an attestation, mentioning that they extend support to constitutional rights in Canada, and also the right to reproductive choice. Effective result of coordination The letter was... Read More

Five Jobs to be ‘Vital’ for Canadian Economy in 2018

Canadian economy
2017 is known to be a good year for jobs in Canada. There was a decline in the unemployment rate of the country to its record low level in during the past 40 years.  Jobs were produced at a fast pace. As per a recent report, some jobs stood out. This is a list of the top five jobs which... Read More

Five Tips for Students to Get Hired in 2018

students tips
During February, college students return to school, buy books and select classes. They need to now think seriously about ways to getting hired by the month of May. An early start of the job search process ensures that the students start their careers and use their degrees fruitfully. We present five tips that students must do now to ensure that... Read More

Five Great Career Resolutions for 2018

Career Resolutions
February is a good time to reflect on career resolutions for the year. These days finding a better job and learning new things are trending. People are thinking about career shifts, taking the plunge, improving their marketability. Here we are offering career steps on where to start, ways to improve skills, and on how to have a great career. Many... Read More

Increase in Minimum wages could lead to 60,000 fewer jobs in future

Minimum wages
At the onset of the New Year, Ontario has announced, a rise in its minimum wage to $14 per hour, from $11.60. Moreover, it has a plan to increase it, to $15 in 2019. Alberta is also expected to raise its minimum wage to $15 sometime later. People stay worried that this increase will not help to change anything because;... Read More

Canada offers Scholarship to the students of ASEAN

Canada offers Scholarship
Many students from the ASEAN region wish to pursue studies in Canada and receive a scholarship. The government in Canada has set aside CAD $10 million to offer a scholarship to them, over a five year period. This will help students and professionals who seek a postsecondary and mid-career and hail from Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore,... Read More

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