Tops Tech Hubs Ranked in Canada


Experts have always decided to collect relevant data and identify the best cities to work and live for technically qualified Canadians. There was an extensive survey-based on many parameters and nine technical-friendly cities of Canada were measured and ranked. The major factors were the level of employment in the industry; salary paid for technically qualified; rates of wage growth; gender diversity; the low or high cost of living; rent payable; and the commute time. The quality of life factors affect financial stability and play a major role in bringing overall happiness to each city.


Considering these factors Ottawa came out on top of the ranking. It was technically diverse and had a fair cost of living.


The prominent feature of Calgary was that it had a great partnership with the universities and businesses. It also scored high in diversity and average salary. The wage growth seen here was also impressive at 23%.


Montreal presents varied investment opportunities and can be regarded as a perfect place to start a start-up. It scores well in wage growth and rent spheres. Technical employment scaled at 112900 here.


Toronto received strong financial investment from the federal authorities and has acquired a reputation to be a fast-growing tech-hub in North America. Its best feature was having 179200 technically employed people. Average salary and tech diversity were also good.


Halifax has experienced strong wage growth in the technical domain and is regarded as a happening and major center for young professionals. Average salary and tech diversity were also fine here. Its best feature was that the average commute time was only 28.33 minutes.


Edmonton houses start-up incubators and accelerators and serves as an exciting place for launching new enterprises. It is good in commute time and scores high with an average salary of $ 75376.


Winnipeg is known for excellent quality of life and has earned a reputation to be a fine place to start the career in the technical domain. The average rent is only $ 925


Waterloo is linked to Toronto, through the Toronto-Waterloo Innovation Corridor and offers plenty of opportunities at a low cost of living. The rents are also low. Its finest feature is that the average commute time was only 18.33 minutes.


Vancouver is presently offering unique opportunities for growing start-ups. The tech-employment is 57500 and it has the offices of several IT Giants.

These cities have proved that collectively Canada is capable of delivering on start-up success. Through these dynamic and new age centers, it has acquired a rapidly growing tech ecosystem. Canada has a highly educated workforce available for less capital for entrepreneurs and has taken a great leap towards excellence and progress.


top tech hubs in canada

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