Technology Companies in Toronto-Major Hiring of International Workers


Introduction and background

Several Technology companies located in the Toronto region express more interest to hire international skilled workers owing to restrictions on immigration of USA. Furthermore, this is happening at a time when there are anti-immigration of President Trump. Moreover, there is a great uncertainty regarding the exit of Britain from EU.

Presently, there is no formal action to curtail the visa for foreign workers in the USA; there are reports which suggest that the immigration authorities are stopping the progress of applications. Additionally there is delay in stages of applications. A new survey states that the skilled workers prefer migration to Canada. Several companies have received additional global applicants in 2017 in comparison to 2016. Around 45 percent had already hired overseas talents last year.

Global Talent Stream

The foreign workers prefer the Global Talent Stream. There is a two-week visa processing which benefits the Temporary Foreign Workers. Companies hire by using it and foreign workers seek an opening through it. The Two week processing time has no parallel anywhere in the world.

The pilot program, featuring 10 working days of processing, saves time, and gives a good response. Moreover, it has a focus on clients.

The GTS, which is a part of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, has these two categories:


A is used by employers who are referred by a designated organization; B is used by employers who hire top workers from a new Global Talent Occupations List. Moreover, Employers must show how the hiring plan of the skilled worker will create a positive impact on the labor market of the country.

Major features of the New Global Talent Stream

There is a Two-week time for processing the applications seeking Canada work permit for top and skilled talent.

Additionally, the candidates must do enthusiastic service for companies which are looking to invest in job-creation in Canada in a big way,

Furthermore, There is no work permit requirement for short-term and top skill work. There is a clause of 30 days or lesser in a 12-month period, and for a short academic stay.

Companies which apply for workers through the GTS can also, go for a new rationalized application process which provides:

Not only, must a service  having a focus on Client to guide eligible employers by using the application process and the development of the Labor Market Benefits Plan, but also it must end in ten business days,

The workers must have Eligibility to get their applications for work permit to be processed in ten business days,

Requirements of Global Talent Stream are:

Category A: List of ESDC Designated Partners as of September 12, 2017

Under Global Talent Category A, employers must be referred by one of the following (subject to change)

  • Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
  • BC Tech Association
  • Business Development Bank of Canada
  • Communitech Corporation
  • Council of Canadian Innovators
  • Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario
  • Global Affairs Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service
  • ICT Manitoba (ICTAM)
  • Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada – Accelerated Growth Service
  • MaRS Discovery District
  • National Research Council – Industrial Research Assistance Program
  • Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration
  • Ontario Ministry of Economic Growth and Development
  • VENN Innovation

Quebec Designated Partners

  • Investissement Quebec
  • Montréal International
  • Quebec International

In the Category A, overseas workers must have a special talent to qualify for work permit. They must also have superior knowledge of the industry and work in a top pay position of a salary worth $80,000 or above.

On the contrary, there can be an advanced degree in a special area for the employer or five years experience in a special field.

Category B: GTS Global Talent Occupations List

To meet the needs of Category B in GTS, employers need to hire top -skilled overseas workers to fill up the jobs in this list:

National Occupations Classification (NOC) codeOccupationMinimum wage requirement (annual salary)Minimum wage requirement (hourly rate)
213Computer and information systems managersprevailing wageprevailing wage
2147Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)prevailing wageprevailing wage
2171Information systems analysts and consultantsprevailing wageprevailing wage
2172Database analysts and data administratorsprevailing wageprevailing wage
2173Software engineers and designersprevailing wageprevailing wage
2174Computer programmers and interactive media developersprevailing wageprevailing wage
2175Web designers and developersprevailing wageprevailing wage
2241*Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians$81,000 or higher prevailing wage$38.94 or higher prevailing wage
2283*Information systems testing technicians$78,000 or higher prevailing wage$37.50 or higher prevailing wage
Sub-set of 5131*Position requires a minimum of five years of experience in the visual effects, video game or animation industries in one or a combination of the following roles: producer, technical director, creative director, artistic director or project manager, with experience in at least one or more of the following skills relevant to the visual effects, video game or animation industries: surfacing and look development; character or simulation rigging; matte painting; or technical pipeline development and application for visual effects, video games, or animation production.$75,000 or higher prevailing wage$36.06 or higher prevailing wage
Sub-set of 5241*Digital Media and Design

Position requires a minimum of five years of experience in at least one of the following digital media design skills: 3D modelling, virtual reality, augmented reality, digital media animation, levels editing for digital media design, software editing for digital media design, pipeline software development or applications relevant for digital media design.

$80,000 or higher prevailing wage$38.46 or higher prevailing wage

Processing Fee

The employer must pay a Non-refundable $1,000 fee

Moreover, there must be a Labour Market Benefit Plan

A key requirement for GTS is the Labor Market Benefits Plan

The employer should show that the hiring an overseas worker will benefit the company in job creation. Additionally, it must transfer skills to the nationals of Canada. There must be a method to keep an eye on the progress of the company.

The Labor Market Benefits Plan

The Labor Market Benefits Plan must show mandatory and complementary benefits.

In Category A, the mandatory benefit is direct or indirect job creation, for citizens and PRs.

In Category B, the mandatory benefit is enhancing skills and training investments for citizens and PRs.

Furthermore, the LMBP must provide two corresponding benefits, other than the mandatory benefit in the area of:

  • Creating Job,
  • Investing in skills and training,
  • Transfer of knowledge,
  • Better company performance and
  • Implementing ideal practices for the workforce

Global Talent Stream: General Requirements

  • The Business must be Legitimate,
  • Employers should give a proof that they are active in the business which needs a temporary worker. The business needs to offer goods or services which are relevant to the job offer.
  • The documents that are right are business license of Canada, incorporation forms, documents of tax.


Firstly, the Employers must take some steps to hire local people and permanent residents before seeking international workers. They must also show a proof.


Wages must be equal to the amount that is paid to local people and permanent residents for a similar position.

There is a clause to say that the workers must do Job Duties concerning only the job for which they are hired. There must be no Exploitation of a foreign worker.

The laws also cover working Hours, overtime, Compensation, Working conditions, and job Termination,

Workplace Safety

Foreign workers must have a safety insurance cover as per law. The private plan must match the terms of the province territory plan.

Unionized Positions

The positions needs to covered by the union, and all overseas workers must get an equal treatment

Employer Compliance

Employers should follow all the general requirements of the Program.

Also, the Employers in Quebec can take advantage of the GTS.

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