Ten Smart Steps to Get a Perfect Job


All jobs today have much competition. We present ten smart steps for the job seekers to follow to make a manageable search. When an applicant follows these steps he/she is not away from get a perfect job.

1.Make your CV Smart

The CV is a great and smart marketing tool to present the personality. The CV of a person needs to be tailor made for the job. Check it with the job description and ensure that it displays the skills and experiences required for the job. All the major attributes which the employer is looking for should be highlighted. Also take care to not include anything irrelevant.

2.First know about new opportunities

At the time of uploading a CV, set up an alert that is relevant to the Job searching in Canada. Make a decision regarding job categories, salary and the locations also.

Firstly know about fresh opportunities and send it as soon as possible. There are a few recruiters who do not wait to decide about a candidate until the application deadline is over. Check the inbox and act in a quick manner to grab the opportunities.

3.A good cover letter

No recruiter is impressed by a generic cover letter.

With much competition the cover letter is an opportunity for all candidates to prove that they are the right choice for the job. Know the job description well at the time of writing keep it relevant to the job. It should serve as a proper introduction. Do not repeat the details of CV and write an excellent cover. It must reflect the quality of personality and catch the attention of the recruiter.

4.Online presence

Today the recruiters do a background check before inviting a candidate to interview. They will start with a Google search and also check the images. You must also do the same and see that it is appropriate for a potential employer.

5.Use the social media effectively

Also check the social media profiles. Many recruiters (70% as per a recent survey) use the social media during the recruitment process. Remove all inappropriate features and tighten up the privacy settings.

A positive social media presence is an effective tool to help a candidate to stand in front of the recruiters. Share interesting news regarding the industry and also record the recent relevant events.

Follow people who are relevant in the industry and also engage with firms you intend to work in. All comments must be thoughtful.

6.Efficient networking

Appear on LinkedIn, because it is an excellent networking opportunity. Add more details to your profile and also get endorsements from past and present colleagues. The profile must show skills and achievements. Make a few connections in the industry. Involve in an interesting discussion and share any news related to industry.

7.Know the suitable employers to work for

Do not miss any opportunity from any employer. Make a list of all the companies who are recruiting presently. Set up alerts.

8.Focus on grammar

Check the Simple spelling mistakes and focus on grammar errors. Use the Grammarly Tool and check the application by reading also before sending the CV.

9.Organize the time

Furthermore, the process of job hunting is daunting and overwhelming. Allot a certain time to it every day.

10.Do not be worried

Do not be worried or panicky. Believe in persistence and also learn from the feedback you get. By following these 10 steps it is a matter of time before you find a decent job.

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