Vital Facts to Know About Job Portals



These days there is no clue how long most interviews last; how many candidates are vying for a job; or how much money you may lose in your career if you do not negotiate the pay.

The job search process is tricky and trying, and in order to acquire the deep knowledge, there is a need to do your research and have the proper information. By trying a good Job Portal, the outcome would be favorable.

Job Portal serves as a platform for the recruiters and the job seekers to meet and complete the process of hiring.

While the Recruiters are aiming for the right candidate with the right qualification to handle the responsibilities effectively, the job seekers aim for getting a job or posting through which they can apply their skills and use their knowledge to grow in their career.

Job applications which are sent through employment portals stand a better chance of success. There are several things to know and check the job portal.  Multitasking skills; initiative; creative thinking; and other attributes are observed in a candidate and highlighted through them.

Charging a Fee or Free 

Job portals have to deal with many people who are fresh and not in a position to pay. Some experienced candidate can pay, but that depends upon the quality of service provided by the recruitment portal.

Which Companies are Listed?

Ideal job portals have collaboration with leading companies and are in a position to offer the best job to the candidates. Candidates are comfortable when the recruiters are good.


The process of Registration must not be complicated or complex. All the candidates like it when it is easy to register by following a few steps.

Social Media 

Portal need have a section to update social media links to have a look at the skills, details and social circles of job seekers. Linking with professional accounts like LinkedIn is good.

Show what Happens Now/Today 

Job portals need to update on a daily basis and show the current openings. This will make them fresh and trendy and add to their appeal and popularity.


There is a thrust on training in the modern times. Job Portals need to provide regular training materials for improving the skills and capabilities of the job seekers. Training makes the chances of getting selected by a top organization easy.

Ethics and Reputation

What the previous user says about the quality of service, the testimonials, the fan following, and reputation are the pointers to assess the depth of a Job Portal.

Blog/ Advice Page

These days there are several Blogs/ Advice pages in a Job Portal which lead the way and effectively help the job seekers with their tips. Topics like dressing for an interview, the dos and don’t, facing the interview well, common mistakes to be avoided, the present day trends have to be dealt, through them.

Mobile App

An account is active permanently when there is a mobile app. It is a great convenience for the job seeker to check it anywhere and at any time.

Service that Matters

There are a few parameters of working like:

  • Providing better results,
  • Quality resume-writing services, because polishing the resume is extremely important.
  • Uploading them based on requirement,
  • Providing regular job alerts to the job seekers, and
  • They help to enhance the image of the portal.

These issues are important to help the candidates to choose the job portal suited to their requirements

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