Tips for landing a Job Overseas


Are you looking forward to broaden your corporate experience? Do you have a flair of seeing things in a broader perspective? Do you like learning new things and meeting new people? Do you like to experience new culture and place? Do you dream to work abroad?

If your answer to the above questions is “Yes”, then have a look into the below article to give an edge to your preparation for interviews for landing into a well-paid overseas job.

1. Job search strategy: Whenever we study for our final or board exams we plan a strategy and follow it through out the preparation. A good strategy ends up with good results and marks. While searching for a better jobs in Canada you need to plan a good strategy and work according to that. If you don’t plan well, then your job search experience might lead to frustrations and missed opportunities.

2. Determine the type of profile: One of the biggest problems we face these days is that the candidates are themselves not aware of their interests and disinterests.They are just in a misconception, that an international job would help them to fetch a good salary, traveling and a lot of excitement.

Analyse and list down your strengths and weaknesses, and the subject you are good at. What are your area of interests and skills. According to your complete analysis, you can have a clear picture of which profile would suit you better and will help you to have a great career options in Canada.

3. Research about the Job, Companies and Country: Sometimes there are different job titles of the same post of different companies. List down the companies and the profile they are offering. Focus your efforts on foreign and domestic companies as well as global consortium. Realize the best method to get a good international job is to first work in your native country and achieve required skills, experience and know about the market value of the profile and then go for the career options in Canada.

4. Develop and Polish the required skills: Once you have researched completely you yourself become aware of the area you are lacking in. Work hard on the areas you are weak at as the international employers would like to hire a candidate who has a good technical knowledge in the respective field, cross cultural adaptivity, good communication skills and off course prior work experience.

5. Prepare the Job Correspondence well: As you already know your cover letter and resume would be screened by the interviewer first. So develop you cover letter and Resume or CV well.

There are basic key rules you need to look into while preparing a cover letter :

  • Address the letter to an individual ( probably the hiring manager)
  • Write an attention grabbing and a crisp paragraph stating the purpose of your writing.
  • Pen down you major skills, education and accomplishments
  • End the letter pro actively by politely asking for an interview

Now the second thing you should focus on is your resume. Do your homework thoroughly about the country you are applying to and make the resume that would best fit the Canada job vacancy.

6. Build and use your network: Being a professional we know that networking is important for a job search. But this can be more better locally in our native country. While we are applying for job vacancies for Canada it’s a difficult task. Take advantage of the possible resources and the professional organizations. People in your network can help you by informing you about the latest job notifications, can help develop your contacts and at the same time can help you understand the economics and culture of the country they are currently residing.

7. Prepare yourself for the interview: Majority of your initial interview sessions would be through the non-personal medium like telephone, E-mail or chats. Prepare your self well and deliver your answers with good communication skills during the interviews.

8. Follow-up all job leads: For a successful job search follow-up with all the leads, don’t let any of the potential job lead slip through your hand. Make phone calls and send E-mails to the employers vigorously but remember to be polite and not aggressive.

It is rightly said that “All road that leads to success have to pass through hard work and rejections”. Following the above tips would help to find a suitable job for you. But at the end of the day, It’s your call to make the most of it and through your rigorous preparations and hard work achieve that job.

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