Tips to Take your Career Forward While Staying in the Same Company


After five years of working in the same profile and same company, a feeling of stagnancy leaps in. The individual starts feeling as if his/her career has come to a standstill. At this point of stagnation, many try to find new jobs. However, in such an unpredictable job market it’s very hard to find not only Canada Jobs but jobs locally as well. There might also be a possibility that you may have more skills and talent as per the current role. At this point, try to move in your organization itself. Look for ways to go ahead in your company.

You can have many advantages by staying on the same job:

  • Every time you move into a new job you need to build that position for yourself. In the existing company, your skills and talent are already recognized or known.
  • There is a sense of stability in your existing job. While shifting to a new job would bring with it other commitments and new long-term plans.
  • Your loyalty with the company would bring benefits such as personal incentives and profit sharing.
  • With time you would earn respect as well as trust. Other employees might also be dependable on your decisions.
  • Being the oldest employee in the company, you would have a say in the company’s future and hence can influence the company’s direction in a positive way.

You have read the advantages of the existing job. Now check out for the various way to identify your area of skills and progress and gain huge achievements while staying in the same company:

  • Find the right path for the growth

    Check out for the responsibilities or assignments that would help you to grow within the same company. Look for the better options and the kind of talent, qualification, skills or actions that are required to take up the new challenge.

  • Reshape your current job

    Add responsibility and give an edge to the new skills with a new role. You can take up some task with a co-worker for a project that will help you to get better in your position and you get to learn a new skill also.

  • Consider some temporary assignment

    Take up a temporary assignment that would be outside your job to learn new things. This would help you to grow diversely. Look for the new projects, if it needs any of the additional team members. This temporary assignment would help broaden your knowledge about the business and offer you with an edge within the organization.

  • Involve your Boss

    Make a point to inform your boss about your recent developments and plans. Let him/her know why you want to take up the new challenge. Your enthusiasm related to work would make a good impression on the boss. Next time they are looking for someone to offer promotion, you would definitely be the first choice.

Without changing the company you can still grow in the company you are presently working in. The only thing is you should be able to take up and face the challenges well.

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