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Online jobs are a part of the growing industry and have a good income potential. The startup costs involved is always and only a reliable internet connection is needed. The type of business to focus and the time to spend on work can be decided.

When a person wants to realize the fullest earning potential and is searching for the opportunities available online there are several jobs to try out. Canada offers an atmosphere to undertake a broad range of professions and one can do them to the best of the abilities and qualification. We are presenting a list of the decent professions here which can help an aspirant to do them online.

Virtual Assistant

Salary range is $ 17-22 hourly pay and several companies need this position

Today several businesses have opted to operate online. There is a good scope in hiring virtual assistants for them to be organized and do the administrative tasks. This work can be done from a remote location, like the home and provides administrative and technical services. The person has to compose and respond to emails, create business documents, respond to media inquiries, and write content. It requires administrative, business, accounting, and technical experience. It helps to broaden the pool of applicants and cuts operating costs. The salary is high for such jobs and one can stretch it with the time and efforts put in.

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Medical Transcriptionists

Salary range is $ 50000, and several companies need this position

Today many medical transcriptionists can work at home, at a time or place of their choice. The job involves transcribing recorded medical dictation; a functioning computer is the only requirement. The work can be done after completion of a post-secondary medical transcriptionist program. Recent Statistics reveal that the medical transcriptionists earn a handsome median [email protected] of $21 an hour. The level of production varies based on the status and timings apart from speed and efficiency.

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The salary for Translators is in the region of $45,000 – $65,000 and it is a popular profession in all the provinces.

Statistics have revealed that most translators work at home, and are self-employed. They have tough deadlines. Fluency in languages is required. The areas where their services are needed are professional, scientific, and technical services, state, and private educational services, healthcare and government. Their national median wage is $45000. Besides Translators, there is scope for Terminologists and Interpreters also. Government information has indicated that there will be scope for this profession in the future. In some cases, apart from the knowledge of the person Machine translation is also of great help.

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Web Developer

The Average Salary for a Web Developer is C$49,700 per year and it is a popular profession in all the provinces.

Today people do not have the time, to build their own site, which provides great scope to opt for the job of a Web developer and earn a good income. They are largely self-employed and work at home. They have the technical ability to implement a feature and improve the workflow with creative ideas. There are Flexible hours and freedom of following an own schedule.  The stress level is low. One has to keep up with the industry. There is a good scope to learn and adopt a lot of different skills. The emoluments are high and satisfying.

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Travel Agent

The Average Salary for a Travel Agent  is C$42,300 and this job has a Pan-Canada demand

There is good demand for travel agents who can exploit the Internet to earn clients and help them in planning their great adventures. They are required to offer expertise in certain regions and focus on group travel besides helping the people to plan and arrange travel for their trips. They offer the best professional advice on locations to reach and stay at tourist attractions. They are also experts in notifying travelers about the paperwork required in various destinations. They secure the best airfares and accommodation rates and inform of local, events and customs. The salary is decent and one can undertake, doing this fun job.

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Freelance Writer

In most provinces, a Freelance Writer can earn an average salary of C$40,500 per year.

Writers are in heavy demand today and are needed for their creative ideas. There is scope for them in the fields of news, articles, content, and sites on the Internet. Many sites outsource their content and hire freelance writers and content writers. It requires a fair share of the drive, ambition, and professional approach. The pay depends on the way you stretch your work and meets the deadlines.

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Social Media Manager

In most provinces, a Social Media Manager can earn an average salary of C$43,900 per year.

The job of a Social media manager involves the strategy to meet the objectives of the company through social. It is like being entrusted with the public voice of a company and huge of skills, expertise, and diligence. Nowadays every big business has a social media presence to reach their customers directly, at low cost. They help a business to grow and expand its reach. Salary at present is in the range of $45,000. A marketing background and a professional approach are the assets of such a manager. They align their Twitter feeds and Facebook post in with the overall marketing and communications plan for a company. The job is a blend of public relations and communications. The use of social media is growing by the day and people use mobile devices to access social media sites. Several users visit YouTube, and Instagram is also increasing its popularity. There is a great value attached to it.

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