Top 15 Best Jobs in Canada in 2018

Jobs in Canada

Presently Canada has a strong economy where the Finance, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Engineering job opportunities are on the rise. There was a plunge in the rate of unemployment which stood at 5.7 percent in December. The Employment growth increased beyond expectations in 2017, and the total jobs creation was 423,000.

Even the per hour average earnings increased by 2.7 percent, reaching $26.68, and many analysts are of the opinion that the growth in employment and a low rate of unemployment will raise the wages upwardly in 2018.

We present the popular 15 demanded jobs for the present year and the average salaries/wages expected by a middle-level worker

1.General laborer hourly rate $15.90 – $18.39

These are the jobs required in various sectors like manufacturing, construction, logistics, loading, cleaning, and unloading, packaging, assembly line work, and general work. They often take the contract labor to meet the varying demands of business. Rich Experience, positive attitude commitment and coming in time, offer better chances in such jobs.

General laborer

2.Sales Representative, $52,000 -$64,000

Sales are extremely important and these jobs involve direct selling to consumers. Such jobs depend on economic trends, performance, and competition and vary based on the organization and the sector.

Sales Representative

3.Accountant, $63,000 -$75,000

The designation of a CPA guarantees steady employment. Technical software skills and Data analytics are the areas of requirement and employers are agreeable to training new appointees who possess fine abilities and are eager to learn. There is a good trend in the financial sector leading to increased Demand.



4.Project Manager (Engineering) , $74,000 – $92,000

They are in charge of top construction projects and have a good demand owing to the present thrust by the government in infrastructure and the residential market in the country.

project manager engineering

5.Business Analyst, $73,000 -$87,000

Business analysts deal with strategic planning and internal business systems and analysis. They are expected to possess technical and business skills commensurate with the scope of their role. They have a degree in economics or business, and also have IT training.

Business Analyst


6.Representative in Customer Service, $ 37,000 -$43,000

This job ensures that a customer is happy with the products and services of a company. Their duty is in the call centers and sometimes they are present in the office also. The employers are interested in candidates who have problem-solving skills, soft skills, patience, and phone etiquette. They are in huge demand today.

Representative in Customer Service

7.Project Manager, IT $92,000 – $114,000

The IT specialists are hot in demand because many organizations seize up if the IT operations are not run well. These managers supervise analysts, developers, and professionals, and make efforts in the budgeting and timeline sectors of IT projects.

8.Manager in Accounts, $75,000 – $92,000

Being the point of contact in all business relationships, these managers must have wide sales experience and possess a degree/diploma. They need to keep the employers and customers happy and be a true professional. Understanding the scope of customers and improve their efficiencies is a task to be done by them.

Accounts Manager

9.Software Engineer, $83,000 – $99,000

Today the Software is used everywhere in smartphones apps, cars, manufacturing equipment as well as appliances. The makers of such software are heavily demanded. They get absorbed in technological companies which deal with software platforms. They are also employed in government agencies and banks. It is a field driven by the candidates and a skilled candidate is popular.

Software Engineer

10.Forklift Operator, $16.59 To $19.42 per Hour

With the great growth seen in e-commerce, many warehouses and fulfillment centers are required in the country. Forklift drivers move, stack and take care of the inventory merchandise which has to be delivered to consumers. Employers select the Personnel, who are ambitious, diligent and can learn, for giving safety training and authorization which is needed for fork-lifting operations.

Forklift Operator

11.Recruiter, $59,000 – $71,000

Owing to better employment market recruiters have a great demand and there is always a need for talent. Companies seek recruiters who bring strong values, know their brand and the office culture. Recruiters must have an understanding of all job trends and the aims of the company.  Demand is high in engineering and technology sectors.


12.Administrative Assistant, $44,000 – $52,000

The Administrative Assistants ensure that all the staffs have what is needed for performing the jobs entrusted to them. Clerical tasks, bookkeeping and knowing accounting and technology is a must.

Administrative Assistant

13.Assembler, $17.62 – $20.63 per hour

The Assembler is in demand and is still important. There is a demand for them owing to a strong growth in the manufacturing sector of Canada. Knowledgeable assemblers who can operate much machinery are in demand.



14.Machinist, $22.36 – $26.81 per hour

Machinists are in charge of machine tools, lathes, grinders and milling machines, to produce precision metal parts in large batches. CNC machinists, who supervise the work of expensive heavy equipment and program numerical controls on the computer, have a good demand.


15.Receptionist, $35,000 to $41,000

All Organizations who believe in keeping the human touch opt for professional Receptionists, who can welcome visitors and clients and talk over the phones. This job is purely technical.


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