Top 10 Highest Paying In-Demand Jobs in Canada

top paying jobs in canada

Here is the data regarding the new and right jobs which are in great demand in Canada today. The list also displays the pay which comes with the jobs.


The average rate for a Cashier is comparatively better in the country. The Salary range is between $20,802 and $29,490, and there are several job openings in Canada.

Pharmacy Assistant

A Pharmacy Assistant earns a decent average wage, and people with this high paying job thrive in the country. The skill required for this job is Inventory Control and Compounding.

Salary Range is $23,483 – $41,212.

Registered Nurses

Canada has opened its doors to welcome internationally educated and registered nurses. There are several options in the immigration programs.

Salary Range is $44,686 – $86,110


Cooks who have proven ability to supervise and possess the ability to maintain and keep appropriate records are in great demand. They have to ensure efficient service levels.

Salary Range: $22,835 – $38,818

The Cosmetician

The Cosmetician provides customers with friendly, knowledgeable and professional service and is in great demand today.

Salary Range of $22,823 – $35,842

Sales Executive

Sales Executives need to have proven enterprise-level sales acumen in handling clients through the entire sales process. They must manage all activities associated with the sales cycle.

Salary Range: $31,511 – $100,334

Sales Representative

Sales Representative have a decent Salary range of $21,000 –$67,000, and they must Ensure timely follow up after sales calls, to increase the probability of closing. They are an important staff in the overall structure of any company.


A Merchandiser is the hub for planning and must have the ability to travel extensively across Canada.

Salary Range: $22,943 – $40,297

Customer Service Representative

A Customer Service Representative has the duty Manage customer complaints. Associated with the planning and organization and informing the customers of promotions and products also

Salary Range: $23,592 – $44,797

Front Store Supervisor 

The Key responsibilities of a Front Store Supervisor include Managing the customer service functions, including cash and cashiers and to ensure superior customer service experience by coaching and developing a friendly, well-trained staff.

Salary Range: $23,755 – $47,581

According to the available data, the above-mentioned jobs require approximately 45 days processing. Job postings which stay for a long period indicate a great demand. All eligible candidates can make a start and file their applications quickly.

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