Wage Funding and Skills Training leads to Success in Immigrant Employment

ECO Canada is managing a pilot project entitled Environmental Immigrant Bridging Program. It is funded by the Foreign Credential Recognition Program of the Canadian Government.

The outlay

Moreover, it is distributing $300,000, for wage fund support, towards employers, to hire newcomers, in their first work experience, in Canada as a part of the environmental role. So far, 100% newcomers who reached the end of this program gained the full-time employment.

This program gives equal to 50% of the newcomer’s salary, to a maximum of $10,000, for six months, in a full-time, new, and environmentally relevant position, to the eligible employers. It provides employability training for extending valuable support to the newcomers in job search. This also helps in growing skills preferred by their employers. The joint approach of funding and training helps these newcomers to break entry barriers. They are in a position to establish themselves in a fine career that influences their skill set and knowledge in a positive manner.

The future scenario

22% of the environmental sector will retire in the subsequent 8 years. The result will be a noteworthy job gap in the middle and senior level positions. The Newcomers will be in a position to provide the necessary skills and also fill up these gaps. Besides, there will be a diverse perspective in the industry.

This program permits the employers to explore fresh recruitment opportunities and build a strong capacity in their organization. The employers claim of loving this program to find a candidate with better credentials and a desire to contribute. The teams which struggle to find a right balance between present resources and growth aim are relieved of the financial risk.

Many job seekers in the environment domain arrive in Canada and look for a fresh start, but struggle to find proper work in their desired field in which they have huge experience.

The challenges

Their journey is challenging but the support they receive through ECO Canada boosts their morale. The support in work creates a positive impact and shapes the lives of fresh arrivals.

This aim of this employment program is to improve opportunities for fresh Canadians who face a struggle in finding a meaningful work commensurate with their talent, skill and background.

It also allows employers to work with a lesser risk. The pilot is a success; and has paved the way for fresh arrivals to get great jobs. Moreover, the employers receive skilled talent who make an immediate contribution to the place of employment in the environmental sector.

Such programs must be continued by the government so that newcomers can shift into the workplace quickly and benefit the Canadian society.


Finally, this program helps to create an inclusive online training program for Canadians who show an interest to enter the environmental sector in Canada.

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