Your First Job in Canada-No Experience? No problem!

One of the most important things you need to understand about getting a job in Canada is that you will need Canadian experience. You might be asking “how do I get that without getting a job in Canada?” This Catch-22 is common amongst newcomers and residents alike, most notably graduates and those entering the workforce. Instead of trying to wrap your head around this vicious cycle it might be time instead to go about finding a way to fix it. Keep in mind that new immigrants to Canada are able to find jobs in many different ways, so you should be able to as well.

What you’ll have to do is identify those barriers that are keeping you from attaining your goal and figure out a way around them. Listed below are five proven strategies that can help you get past that pesky experience gap and begin a successful job search in Canada.

  1. Shine a light on your skill set.

By taking this challenge head on you can discover ways to show any employer that despite lacking experience in a Canadian setting you are able to bring a wide variety of skills to any job.  Make certain that you include every last skill that you possess to insure that nothing is left out.

  1. Show some initiative.

Your resume is the past. Employers want to know what you can do now and how your skills can be a boon to their business. Have ideas ready to go when interviewing.

  1. Build your network and maintain your connections.

Instead of traversing one well-worn path along the way towards finding a job do what you can to branch out. Create a network of contacts that can help you find something in your field. Networking can deliver far more options than the single-minded approach.

  1. Know where to volunteer and when.

A majority number of employers find that people that volunteer are much more likely to be hired due to added experience that volunteering can bring. This shows an employer that you are capable of working in a team environment and will show that you are willing to learn new skills.

  1. Take full advantage of social media.

Social media is a very useful resource that can be integral to any job search. The number of platforms on the web are more than capable of offering any candidate a better chance of landing a successful job.

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